Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Getting started with Workbot for Slack

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Why should you attend?

Workbot is an easy way to build human interactions into your automations, using a chat platform, like Slack. 

Workbot gives you the power to create intuitive and rich experiences by building custom apps in Slack. Instead of your teams hopping between a dozen apps to get work done, Workbot can bring let them complete those tasks like creating a ticket, approving PTOs, reviewing resumes, submitting interview scorecards, and 1000s more without ever leaving Slack.

Building custom chat apps might seem advanced, but you don’t have to be a developer to create beautiful, functional bots. Join Brandon Chew, known within Workato as “the bot guy”, to learn how you can get started.


What will you learn?

Set up new Slack Apps in minutes
Build workflows that cover multiple apps and data sources
Incorporate roles, like requester/approver
Create tailored experiences for each individual user
Make your bot functionality discoverable with custom help

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