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Designing scalable ETL/ELT and Reverse ETL pipelines

In today’s data-driven world, organizations must design scalable and efficient ETL/ELT and Reverse ETL pipelines to leverage the full potential of their data. These pipelines play a critical role in overcoming challenges related to extracting data from diverse sources, handling varying speeds of data movement (ranging from batch to near real-time), managing different data formats (structured, semi-structured, unstructured), ensuring data quality and integrity, optimizing pipeline resilience and performance, and incorporating change data capture (CDC). 

We will dive into the the emerging trends in ETL/ELT and Reverse ETL, which involves transitioning from traditional rigid sync-based approaches to event-driven automations that provide more flexibility and control.

Join Sai Krishnan to learn how you can use the latest capabilities in Workato from schemaless replication to using FileStorage and SQL Transformations for optimal design of data pipelines.

What will you learn?

Building a scalable architecture  
Designing resilient pipelines 
Ensuring data integrity and quality
Optimizing for high volume data transfers
 Reverse ETL with event driven automations

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