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Customer success starts with ChromeOS

Great customer service leads to happy, engaged customers and directly impacts revenue growth, customer loyalty and brand reputation. Your agents help your customers everyday, ChromeOS helps your agents stay productive and engaged at work.  

With customer satisfaction still heavily reliant on time to resolution,productivity is paramount for both agent engagement and customer delight.  But with the number of apps, tabs, and windows agents use to help each customer, it can be difficult and slow to locate the right information at the right time. This challenge is only compounded in the modern customer experience center, where agents often handle multiple interactions across voice, chat, and email. 

To solve this problem, we are excited to announce a new agent productivity capability, ChromeOS Desk available as a connector in trusted tester. The connector integrates with communications apps to automatically create a new desk for each customer interaction, organizing all the apps, windows, and tools an agent needs within one neat box. When the interaction ends, the desk with all its case-specific windows can be closed with one click. This solution is only available to contact centers running on ChromeOS. 

Today, we’re proud to announce that leading communications providers, Dialpad, Edify, NICE, and RingCentral integrate with ChromeOS Desk connector to help agents better help customers.

ChromeOS Desk API

Learn about our new agent productivity capability, ChromeOS Desk, available as a connector in trusted tester.

Increase agent productivity with ChromeOS1 

ChromeOS also helps contact centers improve productivity and performance while securing their system and data in the background so agents are not interrupted by forced downtime due to system updates, security patches, and maintenance . A new research report from IDC, reports that contact centers using ChromeOS not only improve agent productivity by 19%, they also  resolve tickets 33% quicker. 

A key ChromeOS capability that causes this increased productivity is automatic updates and security patches. ChromeOS users report losing 77% less time to device restarts compared to other devices. A real estate company interviewed by IDC said, “With [a previous device], especially with these older ones, they were rebooting daily, or a couple times a week. If an update was involved, then it could take up to 1–2 hours, or if something goes wrong, it could take all day or longer to fix it. ChromeOS devices rarely reboot.”

Increased ROI1 

Agent productivity not only translates to happier customers, it leads to improved profit margins. And with ChromeOS, improved productivity is just one of the capabilities that lead to increased return on investment. IDC found that ChromeOS devices cost 27% less to purchase and operate compared to previous or other devices. One U.S.-based pharmaceutical company  noted, “If you look at the cost of [other devices we’ve used], we’re looking at $1,500–$1,600 per device with the minimum configuration. With a Chromebook, you’re looking at $420 per device; so it’s a third of the cost and that’s a significant difference.” 

Enhanced security1 

ChromeOS is designed with security at its core –  with zero ransomware attacks ever reported.ChromeOS automates security updates and stores data in the cloud by default.  If a device is ever lost or stolen there is no data on the device, reducing your organization’s exposure to security risks.  IDC reported that the use of ChromeOS improved security posture, including 24% fewer security attacks, 29% lower overall security risk and 29% more efficient device security teams.

Try ChromeOS Desk connector solutions today 

For customers of ChromeOS and Dialpad, Edify, NICE,  and RingCentral, it’s easy to get started with ChromeOS Desk solutions.

Reach out to the ChromeOS team directly to join the Trusted Tester program and try ChromeOS Desk

To learn more about how ChromeOS can help you increase agent productivity, control costs, simplify management and enhance security, read the full IDC report available onour website

1. IDC: The Business Value of ChromeOS Devices for Contact Centers, October 2022

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