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Find products faster with the new All Products page

Welcome to a new way of exploring Google Cloud products. Finding your favorite products and discovering new ones requires a user interface that’s easy-to-use, clear, informative, and delightful. Google Cloud users have primarily used our side menu to navigate, but with almost one hundred products and growing, it’s safe to say our product list has outgrown the side menu. Over time, we have listened long and hard to feedback from Google Cloud users, who have highlighted challenges navigating the console to explore our products. We’ve heard over and over that it’s difficult and time consuming to scroll through the long list of products and remember what each one offers. 

That’s why we created a new All products page to help you easily navigate to your favorite Google Cloud products. This page showcases all of the Google Cloud products as well as our key partner products in one, easy-to-navigate place. With one click, you can discover the right product that is right for your solution.

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Explore all Google Cloud products

The page is organized into different categories, including Management (ie. IAM, Billing), Compute, Storage, Operations, Security, CI/CD, Artificial Intelligence, Support, and more. Quickly jump to the category of interest through the panel on the left, or you can scroll the entire page. Then you can click each product name to navigate directly to the product homepage. Each product listing also includes a short and long description so you can quickly understand what a product does and whether it fits your needs. This lets you compare categories at-a-glance, saving you the hassle of digging up product overviews elsewhere. 

Under each product, you’ll also find a link to documentation and Quickstarts so you can understand it in more depth and try it out right away, removing the extra step of navigating to documentation in another tab.

Customize your navigation

To make navigation even easier, you can pin products directly from the All products page, and they will show up at the top of your side menu. You can also customize your navigation by reordering your pins in the side menu. That way, you can quickly access your most-used products directly from the side menu instead of scrolling through the panel or the All products page. 

Save time and get more done faster

With the new All products page you can save time scrolling and cut straight to the good stuff – finding your products, discovering new ones, learning, and getting hands on. Try it out for yourself by heading to the Google Cloud Console. Click the side panel and click “View All products,” or on the home dashboard you’ll see a call out to try out the All products page.

If you have any feedback about this new experience, I want to hear! Reach out to me on Twitter at @stephr_wong or on Linkedin at stephrwong.

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