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Cloud CISO Perspectives: Early September 2023

Welcome to the first Cloud CISO Perspectives for September 2023. I’ll be talking about what I’m looking forward to at this year’s mWISE Conference, which opens its doors on Monday in Washington, D.C. It’s one of the most unique conferences a security professional or business leader can attend. You can register to attend the conference in-person or on our event livestream. 

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Why I’m excited to attend mWISE

The Mandiant Worldwide Information Security Exchange, or mWISE, is Mandiant’s annual threat intelligence and cybersecurity research conference. While there are dozens of security conferences you can go to each year, this one occupies a fairly unique place in the conference firmament because it’s produced by a vendor, but is vendor-agnostic. 

At mWISE, a global community of security practitioners will come together to share unique knowledge for strengthening their defenses, individually and together. It will feature frontline experts, critical insights, and cutting-edge trends. It’s really a must-attend for practitioners who want to up-level their understanding of the current risk and threat landscape and how others are operating successfully in it.

Phil Venables, VP/CISO, Google Cloud

This is the first year that Mandiant and Google Cloud are co-producing mWISE, and we’ve got an exciting lineup planned. Kevin Mandia, Mandiant CEO at Google Cloud, will deliver the opening keynote on the current nation-state threat landscape, followed by remarks from Federal Bureau of Investigation Director, Christopher Wray, author and alternative reality game designer, Dr. Jane McGonigal, PhD, and New York Times author and journalist, Malcolm Gladwell.

On the second day of the conference, I’m participating in a keynote panel with a singular goal: to cut through the spin and noise surrounding AI so we can discuss what responsible innovation should look like. AI has the potential to revolutionize cybersecurity, and it’s vital that the industry doesn’t encounter a consequential backslide which could dramatically hinder progress.

As many companies continue to release new AI tools, there is a growing conversation about the risks and opportunities for AI, and how emerging technologies might be regulated. New rule-making and legislation has already been proposed by government leaders. Within this context, we’re going to discuss how to drive industry consensus on responsible AI development.

I’ll be joined onstage by Dmitri Alperovitch, co-founder and executive chairman, Silverado Policy Accelerator; Chris DeRusha, Federal CISO, U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB); Trisha Kothari, co-founder and CEO, Unit21; and moderator Maggie Miller, cybersecurity reporter, Politico.

I’ll also be speaking at roundtables for boards of directors and CISOs. The board roundtable will address topics including an executive view of the threat landscape, security of AI, and the role of the board in a cyber event. The CISO roundtable will cover the practical use of AI in cybersecurity, the current geopolitical and economic threat landscape, incident response briefings, and crisis communications during incident response. Both roundtables will offer opportunities for small-group discussions. We strongly believe that only through candid, focused, and facilitated conversations can we stay vigilant against attacks, breaches, and malicious actors.

This is where the global community of security practitioners can come together to share unique knowledge for strengthening their defenses, individually and together.

Also from the keynote main stage, we’re offering a threat intelligence panel. The work of cyber intelligence teams is becoming ever-more pertinent and yet increasingly difficult, as major geopolitical events and new technical demands transform the threat landscape. In order to help attendees prepare and respond more effectively to threats, the conversation will be open and frank, and centered on what the panelists see now and what they expect will likely happen over the next several months.

Panelists include John Hultquist, Mandiant Intelligence chief analyst, Google Cloud; Maddie Stone, security researcher, Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG); Jackie Koven, head of cyber threat intelligence, Chainalysis; Selena Larson, senior threat intelligence analyst, Proofpoint; and moderator Sean Lyngaas, cybersecurity reporter, CNN.

While there are dozens of sessions worth checking out, one of the ones that promises to be especially interesting — and a great example of the kind of deep insight participants share at mWISE — is a Monday afternoon conversation on the intersection of healthcare and cybersecurity between Brian Cincera, SVP and CISO, Pfizer, and chairman of the Board of Directors at Health-ISAC, and Taylor Lehmann, director, Office of the CISO, Google Cloud, and health security officer for Alphabet. 

Protecting healthcare and life sciences organizations from malicious actors is very challenging at the moment, as they’re aggressively targeted. Brian and Taylor will talk about their past experiences defending large health systems, discuss the unique threats they’ve faced, and share the lessons they learned from those experiences.

Nearly 100 speakers from the public and private sectors will be participating in more than 80 sessions at mWISE, discussing their hard-earned expertise with cybersecurity practitioners and industry leaders. Bringing together so many purpose-driven people who care about security is a great opportunity to share and compare best practices, identify new and emerging trends, and convert knowledge into collective action in the fight against persistent cyber threats.

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