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Built with BigQuery: Expedite GTM insights with ZoomInfo B2B data in Analytics Hub

Editor’s note: The post is part of a series showcasing partner solutions that are Built with BigQuery.

ZoomInfo is a go-to-market platform that helps businesses find, acquire, and grow customers. They collect, verify, publish and update millions of contact and company profiles every day to help businesses power go-to-market motions with the most accurate company and contact data. Whether you’re looking to improve data quality, create a single source of truth, or advance your modeling and scoring, ZoomInfo and Google Cloud provide the robust data, platform and white-glove support you need to get there.

Nearly every business leader recognizes the value of data to drive critical decisions across the organization. Yet in 2022, NewVantage Partners found that barely over a quarter (26.5%) of business leaders consider their companies to be data-driven and just 19% feel they’ve established a data-oriented culture. Most organizations face three core challenges:

Sourcing high-quality business dataUnifying and enriching data sets to create a single source of truthLeveraging data for optimal go-to-market (GTM) results

This is why ZoomInfo and Google Cloud recently expanded our partnership to further streamline delivery of ZoomInfo’s Data Cubes into customers’ Google Cloud environments, via Google Analytics Hub. Analytics Hub makes the administration of sharing assets across any boundary easier and more scalable, while retaining access to key capabilities of BigQuery like its built-in ML, real-time updates, and geospatial analytics.

Analytics Hub allows users to efficiently and securely exchange data assets across organizations without replicating the data. This reduces the time and resources necessary to access, ingest and action high-quality third-party data like ZoomInfo’s Data Cubes in BigQuery. With direct access to the data in the systems where they work, data and operations teams can leverage holistic account intelligence in their workflows quickly and easily, accelerating time to insight and saving their sales and marketing teams time, money, and resources.

ZoomInfo Data Cubes are massive, customizable datasets that provide seamless access to ZoomInfo’s industry-leading data at scale, for data science, modeling, and analytics purposes. Some of the most common use cases for Data Cubes in Google Cloud include:

Data enrichment at scale – ZoomInfo collects, verifies, publishes and updates millions of accurate contact and company profiles every day. By combining this third-party data with CRM, MAP, and other first-party data sources, customers can fill data gaps and create a single source of truth in BigQuery to fuel modeling and analytics.Total addressable market (TAM) and ideal customer profile (ICP) analysis – Businesses want to identify their best-fit customers, assign quantifiable scores for account prioritization, and streamline campaigns and prospecting. Teams can leverage Data Cubes to pair nuanced company and contact attributes (such as decision-making authority, industry classification, and online behavior) with internal customer data (like time-to-close, deal size, and app download history) to uncover strong candidates in new and existing industry segments for their solution.Propensity-to-buy modeling – Leverage ZoomInfo’s rich company and contact information, job role insights, technographic data, historical data, and intent data to identify accounts that are most likely to buy and prioritize related sales and marketing resources to win faster.

Customers can now easily find and subscribe to ZoomInfo Data Cubes within Analytics Hub alongside popular Google data sets including Google Trends and Google Analytics.

ZoomInfo Data Cubes can include:

Company data: Expand your TAM with access to 200+ ZoomInfo company data attributes at the HQ and location level, refreshed and delivered quarterly. Advanced attributes, technographics, global data access, and modeling services can also be added.Hierarchy data: Understand the relationship between accounts with unlimited access to ZoomInfo hierarchy data. Refreshed quarterly, this cube contains 55 fields including ultimate parent, domestic parent, immediate parent, subsidiary, headquarters, individual location, and franchisor/franchisee.IP data: Turn page views into pipeline with the most accurate IP-to-company pairings available. This cube provides unlimited access to Zoominfo’s entire database of over 200 million IP addresses. Combine these with company core firmographics to execute campaigns with confidenceIntent data: Prioritize prospects actively seeking a solution like yours with direct access to ZoomInfo Intent Data, refreshed weekly. Subscribe to your choice of 4,000+ standard intent topics, or customize your own.Contact data: Fill the gaps in your accounts and identify your ideal customer profile with criteria-based access to comprehensive contact data attributes, refreshed and delivered monthly. Mobile numbers and job history data can also be added.

Built with BigQuery

With Google Analytics Hub, data and analytics teams will have rich metadata to help find the data they’re looking for, and even leverage analytics assets associated with that data. Privacy-safe, secure data sharing means customers no longer have to share complex permissions. The refreshed UI simplifies visibility and management of ZoomInfo Data Cubes and other data sets within Analytics Hub to improve user experience. And granular roles and permissions makes sharing data at scale with exactly the right internal and external audiences easier than ever.

“We are thrilled to partner with Google Cloud to make it easier than ever before to unlock customer data assets’ performance and scalability,” said Sneh Kakileti, Vice President of Product Management at ZoomInfo. “Analytics Hub eliminates resource-intensive data ingestion and sharing processes, allowing data and operations teams to deliver fast, actionable insights to their sales and marketing counterparts. Ultimately, ZoomInfo and Google Cloud help customers win faster with centralized go-to-market insights at scale.”

To see ZoomInfo’s listing, visit Analytics Hub within BigQuery. Click here to learn more about ZoomInfo and Google Cloud’s partnership.

The Built with BigQuery advantage for ISVs and Data Providers

Built with BigQuery helps companies like ZoomInfo build innovative applications with Google Data and AI Cloud. Participating companies can:

Accelerate product design and architecture through access to designated experts who can provide insight into key use cases, architectural patterns, and best practices.Amplify success with joint marketing programs to drive awareness, generate demand, and increase adoption.

BigQuery gives ISVs the advantage of a powerful, highly scalable unified AI lakehouse that’s integrated with Google Cloud’s open, secure, sustainable platform. Click here to learn more about Built with BigQuery.

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