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Build your data analytics skills with the latest no cost BigQuery trainings

BigQuery is a fully-managed enterprise data warehouse that helps you manage and analyze your data with built-in features like machine learning, geospatial analysis, and intelligent caching for business intelligence. To help you make the most of BigQuery, we’re offering the following no cost, on-demand training opportunities: 

BigQuery basics

In this training, you’ll learn the basics of BigQuery like how to use the Web UI to query public tables, and how to load sample data into BigQuery from a Cloud Storage Bucket. Get started here

How to use machine learning with BigQuery  

Find out how BigQuery leverages machine learning to automate data quality rules – scanning disparate and dynamic datasets, detecting anomalies, discovering sensitive data – all of which help you improve the quality, accessibility, and governance of your data. Sign up here for this training.

Discover how to use BigQueryML to build forecasting models at scale, plus learn how to schedule model re-training on a regular basis so that your forecasts stay up-to-date when you register here for this training. 

Sign up here to find out how to create an end-to-end solution for real-time fraud detection with the help of BigQueryML. 

How to connect BigQuery to Looker 

Learn how to model, analyze, and visualize your data in less than 30 minutes when you register here for this training. You’ll be taught how to set up a connection between your BigQuery data warehouse and Looker. Once connected, you’ll learn how Looker auto-generates a data model, which you can immediately explore, customize, and reuse. From there, you’ll discover how to build reports, dashboards, plus bring data into your workflows via alerts, integrations, and more. 

For more demos on how to use BigQuery and Looker together, sign up here

What’s next with BigQuery? 

To get a peak into product roadmap enhancements and hear from our Product Management Director, Jonathan Keller, about what’s next with BigQuery, register for Next ‘21 and join us for this session on October 12.

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