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Build data-driven applications with Cloud SQL and validated partner solutions

Cloud SQL is a fully managed database service for MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server that helps customers innovate faster and more cost effectively through best-in-class productivity features and advanced data protection. Cloud SQL makes it easy to manage your database, so you don’t have to spend time and resources securing, backing up, replicating, patching, upgrading, encrypting, or managing storage capacity. 

At Google Cloud, we understand that building data-driven applications goes beyond the databases. That is why we have been working directly with an ecosystem of partners and collaborating with them to test compatibility, fine-tune functionality, and optimize integrations to ensure you have the best experience when building applications with Cloud SQL in conjunction with a fleet of partner services and solutions to deliver desired business outcomes. 

Today at Google Cloud Next, we are launching Google Cloud Ready – Cloud SQL, a designation that formally recognizes partners that have met a core set of functional and interoperability requirements based on standards defined by Google, so you can focus on building applications, rather than evaluating partner tools and their compatibility with Cloud SQL.  

To ensure the highest quality of integrations with partner solutions, the “Google Cloud Ready – Cloud SQL” validation process is conducted in three phases:

Evaluate: Google Cloud Engineering teams work with partners to run a series of data integration tests in a sandbox/production environment and compare results against best practices and benchmarks.

Enhance: We take the results of the Evaluate phase and collaborate with our partners to fill in the gaps and help them evolve their solutions. 

Enable: Together with our partners, we refine products and documentation to make sure customers have everything they need to successfully integrate Cloud SQL with partner solutions of their choice.

To date, 34 technology partners are ready to support customers’ needs across a spectrum of capabilities: Data Integration & Migration, Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Quality, Observability, and Security. 

For example, CData, Confluent, Fivetran and integrate.io enable migrations and data streaming into Cloud SQL, while Dataiku, Deepnote, Starburst and Tellius help you derive insights from your data. Datadog, Dynatrace and New Relic provide visibility into the health and performance of Cloud SQL, and Soda, Masthead dataand Vaultree offer advanced capabilities for data quality and security. Google Cloud has closely collaborated with these partners to ensure the best experience and customer support when you use their solutions with Cloud SQL.

Striim, a distributed data integration and intelligence platform, supports Cloud SQL as part of their cloud offering.

“Striim is excited to be part of the Google Cloud Ready initiative for Cloud SQL. Major enterprise customers leverage Striim to continuously move data from on premise and cloud based mission critical databases into Google Cloud SQL for digital transformation. Striim seamlessly connects to Cloud SQL and enables operational data to be synced via snapshot and incremental CDC workloads in real time. This helps our joint customers innovate for example by feeding ML models in real time and leveraging Cloud SQL’s Gen AI capabilities such as using the new pgvector PostgreSQL extension for storing vector embeddings.”- Alok Pareek, Executive Vice President of Products and Engineering, Striim

Confluent, a leader in data streaming technology, supports Cloud SQL sink as part of their Kafka offering to stream data from various upstream sources. 

“Confluent is proud to achieve the Google Cloud Ready – Cloud SQL designation, reflecting our commitment to simplifying the building of streaming data pipelines for Google Cloud SQL.  With seamless integration for MySQL and PostgreSQL, we help businesses confidently pave a path to cloud migration and transformation while unlocking the full potential of their data in real time. Together with Google Cloud SQL, we empower organizations to power their real-time apps and decrease the risks and costs of modernization.” – Paul Mac Farland, Vice President Partner & Innovation Ecosystem, Confluent

Qlik, a data integration and analytics leader offers solutions that help you accelerate data replication, ingestion, and streaming into Cloud SQL.

“We’re thrilled to be an official launch partner of the Google Cloud Ready – Cloud SQL initiative. Enterprises are looking to migrate and integrate key enterprise data from various sources, making it available in the cloud in support of modernization initiatives and overall data strategies. We look forward to bringing the combined power of Qlik and Talend with Google Cloud to these customers to deliver SQL data in a modern cloud data solution.” – Itamar Ankorion, SVP, Technology Alliances, Qlik

Interested in becoming a Google Cloud Ready – Cloud SQL partner?

We welcome partners to apply to the Google Cloud Ready – Cloud SQL initiative by filling out this form.  

Once the designation is achieved, partners will be able to benefit from the following:

Increased confidence that the solution has been tested and validated to work with Cloud SQL

Increased exposure to Google Cloud sales/field teams on validated partner solutions and technical assets to drive opportunities

Access to Google Cloud Partner Engineering and Cloud SQL product and engineering teams for joint roadmap development and exclusive feature release previews

Early access to Cloud SQL material and support for creating best practice guides, solution briefs, and joint reference architectures

Higher marketing exposure through badging, recognition and priority placement on the Google Cloud Cloud SQL Partner Page and Google sponsored product and customer events

Support for GTM activities in addition to those offered through the standard Google Cloud Partner Advantage program. Additional benefits include support for partner led activities such as blogs, workshops, webinars, social media, and so on

Getting started

To learn more about the Google Cloud Ready – Cloud SQL initiative, visit our documentation page. To see the full list of partner solutions and connectors that have been validated under the initiative, visit here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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