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Expanding Duet AI, an AI-powered collaborator, across Google Cloud

Our customers are telling us that they want to focus on growth and create lasting industry advantages, while looking for smarter ways to work. To help make this possible, we’re reimagining our Google Cloud products with generative AI.

Today we are expanding the Duet AI in Google Cloud preview with new capabilities, with general availability coming later this year. Duet AI can now provide AI assistance across a wide range of Google Cloud products and services to serve more cloud users — spanning developers, operators, data practitioners, and cybersecurity professionals.

Duet AI: your always-on AI collaborator

Google Cloud is committed to bringing a new way to cloud to all of our users through the power of AI. Being a critical part of Google’s overall AI effort, Duet AI is revolutionizing the way our users work with Google Cloud, which will help our customers boost their productivity, gain competitive advantages, and ultimately improve the bottom line. 

We unveiled Duet AI in Google Cloud at Google I/O in May, and showcased developer features such as code and chat assistance. Since then, trusted testers across the world have experienced the power of Duet AI while we worked on expanding its capabilities and integrating them across a wide range of products and services throughout our portfolio. 

At Next, we are announcing that Duet AI can now provide AI assistance across more surfaces, infusing the power of gen AI across Google Cloud to help with application development, operations, database management and migration, data analysis and visualization, as well as cybersecurity. 

Accelerating application development

Duet AI in Google Cloud provides expert assistance across your entire software development lifecycle. This includes code generation, source citation, test coverage, designing and publishing APIs, migrating and modernizing applications, and much more. 

With Duet AI, developers can use natural language to quickly understand complex code and APIs, follow best coding practices, quickly generate unit tests, and more. Duet AI’s code and chat assistance are available in our development environments such as the Google Cloud console, Cloud Workstations and Cloud Shell Editor. In addition, through our Cloud Code IDE extensions, you can also find Duet AI in third-party IDEs such as VSCode and JetBrains IDEs like CLion, GoLand, IntelliJ, PyCharm, Rider and WebStorm. We provide Duet AI where you spend your time developing your code, so you can stay in flow-state longer and minimize context switching. 

Today, we are announcing a number of powerful developer features into Duet AI to push the boundary of our AI code assistance: 

Application modernization: Duet AI can help you modernize your applications faster by assisting you with code refactoring. Typically, refactoring legacy applications requires migrating and refactoring code from one language to another, which can be expensive and take months. With Duet AI, refactoring code and migrating to Google Cloud is faster and easier. For example, let’s say you’re interested in updating a product catalog service, which connects a front-end website to the back-end product database. As part of this update, you want to migrate from C++ to Go, and want to start using Cloud SQL,  Google Cloud’s managed relational database. If you did this by hand, you would need to convert the code from C++ to Go, learn the Cloud SQL constructs, and update the database connection to use Cloud SQL. With Duet AI, you can instead open Duet AI chat right in your development environment, write a natural language prompt as simple as “Convert this function to Go and use Cloud SQL.” The function is rewritten in Go and the database connection is automatically converted to Cloud SQL — voilà!

Duet AI in Google Cloud – chat assistance

Duet AI responds to a natural language prompt through a chat interface and converts a function to Go and updates the back-end database to Cloud SQL

Context-aware code generation: We have started to work with select enterprises to allow Duet AI to be customized with organization-specific knowledge from their libraries and code base to generate context-aware code suggestions. For example, you could ask Duet AI to generate code for a function that finds all products under $10 in a company’s product catalog, and it will generate a function based on the company’s classes and methods used to interact with the product catalog.

Duet AI in Google Cloud – contexual code generation

Duet AI helps generate code based on organization-specific content

API Management and Application integration: Integration is another critical part of application development. Applications rely on APIs and integration services to orchestrate communications across multiple services. Using Duet AI in our integration services such as Apigee API Management and Application Integration, developers can now easily design, create and publish APIs using simple natural language prompts.

Duet AI in Google Cloud – Apigee API Management and Application Integration

Responding to natural language prompts, Duet AI uses your enterprise assets and context to automatically generate API specifications, integration flows, descriptions, and test cases

“At Wayfair, developer productivity is top of mind for us. We are excited to incorporate Duet AI in our efforts to have developers across Wayfair build applications incredibly fast! With Duet AI, we can increase developer productivity and joy at the same time.” – Mark Quigley, Director of Engineering Enablement, Wayfair

“Duet AI is one of the top coding assistants we’ve tried. Our early experience with Duet AI has been very promising with productivity gains around 33%. We’re trying out newer features right now like indexing and debugging, which we expect to push productivity even higher.” – Kai Du, Director of Engineering, Turing

Simplify operating and managing infrastructure and applications

A lot of time is spent on building and securing deployments, and connecting the dots to investigate issues across your application. Duet AI can help you automate deployments, ensure applications are configured correctly, quickly understand and debug issues, and can create more secure and reliable applications.

For example, Duet AI in Google Cloud helps developers, site reliability engineers, and operators monitor performance and troubleshoot issues quickly with monitoring and logging integrations. Duet AI assists in identifying correlations across your application, enabling you to swiftly transition from receiving alerts to resolving issues. In Cloud Monitoring, natural language prompts can be translated into PromQL queries to analyze time-series metrics, such as CPU usage over time. Duet AI can also provide intuitive explanations of complex log entries in Logs Explorer for easier root-cause analysis, and provide suggestions for how to fix issues that are surfaced in Error Reporting.

Duet AI in Google Cloud – troubleshooting issues

Duet AI helps quickly troubleshoot a service issue and also recommends fixes

Helping to unlock the value of data

Data and business analysts can leverage Duet AI in BigQuery for fast data analysis. Duet AI in BigQuery provides contextual assistance for writing SQL and Python to access and analyze your data, which can allow data teams to focus more on logic and outcomes. It can generate full functions and code blocks, auto-suggest code completions and explain your code and SQL queries. Duet AI focuses on understanding your data and its usage patterns to assist in your analysis by suggesting what questions to ask.  

We also bring the power of Vertex AI to your data in BigQuery. With just one SQL statement you can connect BigQuery tables with Vertex AI’s foundation models, optimize prompts with your data in BigQuery Studio, perform text analysis or generate new attributes to enrich your BigQuery data model. Duet AI also enables you to generate vector embeddings in BigQuery to build powerful semantic searches and recommendation queries.

Duet AI in Google Cloud – code assistance in BigQuery

Duet AI can easily create SQL or Python code to do things like customer segmentation in BigQuery Studio

“Duet AI in BigQuery has helped our data team at L’Oréal accelerate our transformation by making it easier for us to explore, understand, and use our data. With Duet AI, we can quickly query our data to get the insights we need to make better decisions for our business. We are excited to continue working with Duet AI to further our transformation and achieve our business goals.” – Antoine Castex, Data Platform Architect, L’Oréal

We’re also bringing Duet AI to Looker, helping business users to analyze data faster. Our vision for Duet AI in Looker is to enable every decision maker to get to the right insight, at the right time, in the right format. With Duet AI in Looker we enable conversational data analysis, automatic generation of presentations, intelligent text summaries based on your reports, the use of natural language to create calculations and visualizations, as well as the ability to rapidly generate LookML models. Later this year, we’ll add a new Duet AI experience to Looker to analyze data in a collaborative notebook experience.

Duet AI in Google Cloud – data analysis and visualization

Duet AI helps quickly analyze and visualize data, and export those visualizations to slides

Accelerate and modernize databases

Duet AI in databases helps you take developer productivity to new levels. We’re introducing this capability for Cloud Spanner today, and it will also be coming to AlloyDB and Cloud SQL. With Duet AI in Cloud Spanner, you can generate code to structure, modify, or query your data using natural language. For instance, with a simple command such as “write a query to show all data in the messages table,” you can have Duet AI automatically generate the required SQL for you to further review or modify, which can significantly reduce the time to develop code for applications. 

In addition, to make it easier to modernize your databases, we’re bringing the power of Duet AI to our Database Migration Service (DMS). Duet AI in DMS helps automate the conversion of database code that could not be converted with traditional translation technologies, such as stored procedures, functions, triggers, packages, and custom PL/SQL code. You’ll be able to use Duet AI in DMS to migrate the last mile of Oracle to AlloyDB and Oracle to Cloud SQL-for-PostgreSQL later this year.

Duet AI in Google Cloud – database mangement

Duet AI helps automate code conversion for the last mile of Oracle migrations

Accelerate security response and remediation

Duet AI helps security professionals prevent threats, reduce toil in their security workflows, and uplevel security talent — and it’s now integrated into our security products such as Chronicle Security Operations, Mandiant Threat Intelligence and Security Command Center. Duet AI can quickly summarize and classify threat information, translate natural language searches into queries, and provide suggested next steps to remediate issues, which can reduce time for detection and response and make overworked security professionals more productive. For more details on how Duet AI can help security professionals, check out this blog.

Duet AI in Google Cloud – security

Duet AI in Security Command Center explains why cloud assets may be vulnerable to attack, and provides recommendations to address the risk.

Duet AI assists you in a personalized and responsible way

Duet AI was trained to deliver smarter, contextual recommendations. To serve Google Cloud users better, we trained and fine-tuned the AI foundation models with Google Cloud-specific content such as documentation, code examples, and Google Cloud best practices. With Duet AI, we’re on a mission to deliver a new cloud experience that’s personalized and intent-driven, and helps your teams build secure, reliable, and scalable applications, all while providing expert guidance. 

In designing Duet AI, we leveraged Google’s comprehensive approach to helping protect customers’ security and privacy, as well as our AI principles. That means you can rest assured that your code, your inputs to Duet AI, and your recommendations generated by Duet AI will not be used to train any shared models nor used to develop any products. Your data and IP remain yours. In addition, to help you comply with your license requirements and policies, Duet AI properly cites the sources for its code suggestions.

Duet AI in Google Cloud – source citation

Duet AI issues warning when suggested code may be subject to licenses

“One important highlight of Duet AI is its approach to safety and confidential information — it lets us keep our code outside of model training or downstream analysis that similar assistants may perform, and that’s really important to us!” – Kai Du, Director of Engineering, Turing

Learn more

Duet AI in Google Cloud is available in preview today. To learn more about Duet AI in Google Cloud and join the preview program, visit the product page at cloud.google.com/duet-ai.

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