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Best Practices for order-to-cash automation

Why should you watch?

Order-to-cash (O2C) is one of your most crucial business processes. If it fails, you don’t get paid. Yet many orgs rely on workflows that are highly manual, error-prone, inflexible, and slow. Furthermore, the sales and financial information required to drive your order-to-cash processes is often inaccessible, or siloed between different ground and cloud apps.

By automating your O2C processes, you can eliminate slow manual processes, create flexibility, create rich data/analytics and narrow the scope for human error. This not only improves your customer experience, it frees up your teams to focus on actions that add value, and grow your sales and margins.

Join Bennett Goh to learn how to sync your CRM and ERP to speed up your O2C cycle, reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) and create more flexible processes.

What will you learn?

Automate data sync between your CRM and ERP
Design validations to improve your data quality
Work human approval seamlessly into your processes
Create APIs to integrate multiple paths for delivery and payment
Track fulfilment status across multiple systems

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