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Accelerating migrations to Google Cloud with migVisor by EPAM

Application modernization is quickly becoming one of the pillars of successful digital transformation and cloud migration initiatives. Many organizations are becoming aware of the dramatic benefits that can be achieved by moving legacy, on-premises apps and databases into cloud native infrastructure and services, such as reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), elimination of expensive commercial software licenses, and improved performance, scalability, security and availability.

The complexity of applications and databases to a cloud-centric architecture requires a rapid, accurate, and customized assessment of modernization potential and identification of challenges. Addressing business and functional drivers, TCO calculations, uncovering technological challenges and cross-platform incompatibilities, preparation of migration, and rollback plans can be essential to the success and outcome of the migration. 

These cloud migration initiatives are often divided into three high-level phases: 

Discovery: identifying and cataloging the source inventory. Output is usually an inventory of source apps, databases, servers, networking, storage, etc. The discovery of existing assets within a data center is usually straightforward and can often be highly automated. 

Pre-migration readiness: the planning phase. This includes the analysis of the current portfolio of the databases and applications for migration readiness, determining the target architecture, identifying technological challenges or incompatibilities, calculating TCO, and preparing detailed migration plans. 

Migration execution: where the rubber hits the road. During this phase of the migration process, database schemas are actively converted, the application data access layer is refactored, data is replicated from source to target, often in real-time, and the application is deployed in its determined compute platform(s). 

Successful evaluation and planning phase as part of the pre-migration readiness phase can bolster confidence in investment towards modernization. Skipping or inaccurately completing the pre-migration phase can lead to a costly and sub-optimal result. Relying on manual pre-migration assessments can lead to long migration timelines, reduced success rates and poor confidence in the post-migration state, increased risk and total migration cost. 

Some of the commonly asked question during pre-migration include:

How compatible are my source databases, which are often commercial and proprietary in nature, with their open-source cloud-native alternatives? For example, how compatible are my Oracle workloads and usage patterns with Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL

What’s my degree of vendor lock-in with my current technology stack? Are proprietary features and capabilities being used that are incompatible with open-source database technologies?

How tightly-coupled are my applications with my current database engine technology? Can my applications be deployed as-is, refactored for cloud readiness with ease, or will it be a big undertaking? 

How much effort will my migration require? How expensive will it be? What will be my run-rate in Google Cloud post-migration and my ROI?

Can we identify quick-win applications and databases to start with?

There is a direct association between the accuracy and speed of the pre-migration phase and the outcome of the migration itself. The faster and more accurately organizations complete the required pre-migration analysis, the more cost efficient and successful the migration itself will usually be.  

EPAM Systems, Inc., a leader in digital transformation, worked with Google Cloud as a preferred partner to accelerate cloud migrations beginning with pre-migration assessments. Leveraging EPAM’s migVisor for Google Cloud—a unique pre-migration accelerator that automates the pre-migration process—and EPAM’s consulting and support services, organizations can quickly generate a cloud migration roadmap for rapid and systematic pre-migration analysis. This approach has resulted in the completion of thousands of database assessments for hundreds of customers.

migVisor is agentless, non-intrusive, and hosted in the EPAM cloud. migVisor seamlessly connects to your source databases and runs SQL queries to ascertain the database configuration, code, schema objects and infrastructure setup. Scanning of source databases is done rapidly and without interruption to production workloads.

migVisor prepares customers to land applications in Google Cloud and its managed suite of databases services and platforms such as Cloud SQL, bare metal hosting, Spanner and Cloud Bigtable. migVisor supports re-hosting (lift-and-shift), re-platforming, and re-factoring.  

“EPAM’s recent application assessment update to its migration tooling system, migVisor, will bring a new level of transparency to the entire application and database modernization process”,  said Dan Sandlin, Google Cloud Data GTM Director at Google Cloud. “This enables organizations to make the most of digital technologies and provides a clear IT ecosystem transformation that allows our customers to build a flexible foundation for future innovation.”

Previously, migVisor focused on assessments of the source databases and the compatibility of customers’ existing database portfolio with cloud-centric database technologies. Coming this quarter, migVisor adds support for application assessments, augmenting its existing and class-leading capabilities in the database space. 

The addition of application modernization assessment functionality in migVisor, combined with EPAM’s certification and specialization in Google Cloud Data Management and hands-on engineering experience, strengthens EPAM’s position as a leader for large-scale digital transformation projects and migVisor as a trusted product for cloud migration assessments to Google Cloud customers. EPAM provides customers an end-to-end solution for faster and more cost-effective migrations.  Assessments that used to take weeks can now be completed in mere days. 

Within minutes of registering for an account, anyone can start usingmigVisor by EPAM to automatically assess applications and application code. Visit themigVisor page to learn more and sign up for your account.

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