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Accelerate smart transformation to SAP S/4 HANA with Tata Consulting Services PreCast, now for Google Cloud

The journey of any enterprise includes the transformation of processes related to presales, sales, procurement, service, production, quality, maintenance, warehousing, and finance operations, adhering to the principles of optimization and faster implementation. The goal is to create a uniform user experience, branching and connecting each enterprise function with minimal transformation effort. With a traditional approach, achieving this is not easy. Some of the other hurdles organizations face are:

Lack of localization know-how, especially with respects to  legal and fiscal compliance 

Low transparency across business functions

Legacy SAP business processes

Geo-specific, fragmented and heavily customized legacy SAP ERP systems

A complex integration landscape across in-house and cloud technologies

Inability to scale with business growth

Tata Consultancy Service (TCS) PreCast is an integrated business solution certified by SAP as a Qualified Partner Packaged solution (QPPS), leveraging SAP’s market leading software, best practices and innovations. Together with partner services, TCS brings a specialist’s functional knowledge and IP, for rapid deployment with low risk and high predictability for SAP S/4HANA greenfield and migration projects, all at a highly affordable price point.

To gain higher efficiencies, you can complement TCS PreCast on Google Cloud as a package with TCS SAP Monitoring as a Service, for proactive monitoring of SAP and Google Cloud infrastructure landscape. With 50+ predefined alerts and 25+ predefined reports on cloud usage, customers will experience enhanced observability of their business-critical ERP applications, with benefits such as:

Higher application availability 

Lower management and operating costs 

Better management of SAP

Solution highlights

The solution package content is:

A preconfigured solution for 120+ processes, localized for multiple regions

Re-designed and enhanced configuration to support multinational corporations

Available as an appliance with database backup

TCP PreCast provides the following benefits:

Accelerated time for deployment 

Adoption of SAP standards and best practices 

End-to-end transformation accelerators for the project

A positive impact on Total Cost of Implementation (TCI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) 

Is ready to scale through Google Cloud Partner Engagement, providing optimized business process and accelerated innovation

TCS PreCast integrates well with Google Cloud products such as BigQuery, Anthos, Apigee and Google Cloud Cortex Framework, providing customers with an AI-driven intelligent enterprise. Google Cloud Cortex Framework offers pre-configured SAP content for scenario-driven, data-driven, cloud-native reference architectures enabling faster time to market. These services enable our customers to achieve “cloudification” of the ERP digital core and superior business outcomes, to gain resilience, a better customer experience and the flexibility of an open, scalable, and democratized ecosystem.

A Netherlands-based global pipe manufacturer, Wavin IT, and a Canada-based leading garments company were some of the many clients who were grappling with the above challenges to make the first move towards SAP S4HANA landscape transformation to support their innovation and growth.

Both of these customers can operate more efficiently and effectively. They’re able to make better decisions, improve their customer service and have now successfully realized their growth strategies by partnering with TCS ERP on Google Cloud and implementing PreCast.

“The partnership with TCS for their ERP on Google Cloud is pivotal to our expansion strategy and cloud-first approach. By leveraging the out-of-the-box solution with TCS’ experience in localized deployments, end-to-end capabilities and single point of accountability, enabled faster deployment, better user adoption, as well as resilient and scalable processes.” —Allan Jones, Global VP – IT, Wavin 

If you have challenges in your SAP landscape, irrespective of your size, the complexity of your existing journey or budget challenges, we are just a call away for a one-stop-shop experience. To learn more about how to implement TCS PreCast on Google Cloud, please reach out to [email protected] or talk to a Google Cloud sales specialist.

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