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Accelerate integrated Salesforce insights with Google Cloud Cortex Framework

Enterprises across the globe rely on a number of strategic independent software vendors like Salesforce, SAP and others to help them run their operations and business processes. Now more than ever, the need to sense and respond to new and changing business demands has increased and the availability of data from these platforms is integral for business decision making. Many companies today are looking for accelerated ways to link their enterprise data with surrounding data sets and sources to gain more meaningful insights and business outcomes. Getting there faster given the complexity and scale of managing and tying this data together can be an expensive and challenging proposition.

To embark on this journey, many companies choose Google’s Data Cloud to integrate, accelerate and augment business insights through a cloud first data platform approach with BigQuery to power data driven innovation at scale. Next, they take advantage of best practices and accelerator content delivered with Google Cloud Cortex Framework to establish an open, scalable data foundation that can enable connected insights across a variety of use cases. Today, we are excited to announce the next offering of accelerators available that expand Cortex Data Foundation to include new packaged analytics solution templates and content for Salesforce. 

New analytics content for Salesforce

Salesforce provides a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that is widely recognized and adopted across many industries and enterprises. With increased focus on engaging customers better and improving insights on relationships, this data is highly valuable and relevant as it spans many business activities and processes including sales, marketing, and customer service. With Cortex Framework, Salesforce data can now be more easily integrated into a single, scalable data foundation in BigQuery to unlock new insights and value. 

With this release, we take the guesswork out of the time, effort, and cost to establish a Salesforce data foundation in BigQuery. You can deploy Cortex Framework for Salesforce content to kickstart customer-centric data analytics and gain broader insights across key areas including: accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities and cases. Take advantage of the predefined data models for Salesforce along with analytics examples in Looker for immediate customer relationship focused insights, or easily join Salesforce data with other delivered data sets, such as Google Trends, Weather, or SAP to enable richer, connected insights. The choice is yours, and the sky’s the limit with the flexibility of Cortex to enable your specific use cases.

By bringing Salesforce data together with other public, community, and private data sources, Google Cloud Cortex Framework helps accelerate the ability to optimize and innovate your business with connected insights.

What’s next

This release extends upon prior content releases for SAP and other data sources to further enhance the value of Cortex Data Foundation across private, public and community data sources. Google Cloud Cortex Framework continues to expand content to help better meet the needs of customers on data analytics transformation journeys. Stay tuned for more announcements coming soon.

To learn more about Google Cloud Cortex Framework, visit our solution page, and try out Cortex Data Foundation today to discover what’s possible.

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