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Seamlessly export Pub/Sub Lite messages to Pub/Sub

Connecting one messaging system to another messaging system can be difficult. While many options exist, such as managed connectors, DIY connectors, and Dataflow jobs, we’re always exploring ways to make moving data even simpler.

Today, the Pub/Sub Lite team is excited to introduce export subscriptions that can write messages from a Lite topic directly to a destination Pub/Sub topic. Export subscriptions can be used for migration from Pub/Sub Lite to Pub/Sub, increasing interoperability between teams with different messaging system needs, and consolidating or connecting data pipelines.

Export subscriptions are a subtype of Lite subscriptions; there are standard subscriptions and export subscriptions. Export subscriptions require a destination. When you set an export subscription’s destination to Pub/Sub, a Lite topic can connect directly to a Pub/Sub topic.

An export subscription can only write to one Pub/Sub topic, but different messaging patterns are supported. For fan-in, you can create multiple export subscriptions that all write to the same destination Pub/Sub topic. For fan-out, you can create multiple export subscriptions that all originate from the same Lite topic but each write to a different destination Pub/Sub topic. Other notable features of export subscriptions to destination Pub/Sub include the ability to change the destination Pub/Sub topic on an existing export subscription, optionally configuring a dead letter Lite topic to retain incompatible or oversized messages, and cross-project exporting. 

An export subscription not only acts like a regular Pub/Sub Lite subscriber but also acts as a Pub/Sub publisher. Just like standard Lite subscriptions, export subscriptions consume Lite subscription throughput capacity. Export subscriptions also incur Pub/Sub publish throughput usage. In other words, existing Pub/Sub Lite and Pub/Sub charges continue to apply, but the export is provided by the service at no additional cost. See Pub/Sub pricing page for details. 

Export subscriptions help create a seamless Pub/Sub ecosystem and increase compatibility between GCP products. You can create an export subscription to a destination Pub/Sub topic via gCloud (CLI), Cloud Console (UI), and API. Get started today by going to ‘Pub/Sub’ in the Cloud Console, selecting ‘Lite Subscriptions’ on the left hand navigation, clicking ‘Create Lite Subscription’ on the top navigation bar, and then setting ‘Delivery Type’ to ‘Export to Pub/Sub topic.’

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