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3 musts for your 2024 cloud to-do list

It’s budget time for many enterprises, and the question that I get most this time of year is: What should we work on in 2024 to improve our cloud computing deployments?

I came up with my top three, with the understanding that these are general concepts and you need to consider your own state of cloud within your enterprise. Let’s get started.

Security and compliance always need a refresh

As the volume and sensitivity of data being stored and processed in the cloud increase, security and compliance remain critical concerns. In 2024, this means evaluating and enhancing cloud security in both obvious and non-obvious ways.

Most of you don’t have solid access controls for your cloud deployments. This is usually neglected since getting a directory service in place to identify people, machines, applications, data, etc., is expensive and time-consuming, but there is no way to avoid it. Let’s get that fixed in 2024.

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