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Zip code to latitude and longitude

This article describes how to get latitude and longitude by zip codes of all the countries across continents. It includes mapping of zip code or province to state / macro region. This is useful when you need to do some exploratory analysis and plot zip codes on map in the dashboard. It is also required when you want to show profiling by states (rather than granular zip or postal code, towns/municipalities/county). It is required because a country may have more than 10000 zip codes so it may not be a good idea to show descriptive statistics by zip codes. Business stakeholders are generally insterested to see the analysis by broader categorisation of region which is state or province.

Dataset contains the following columns. It can be used as a lookup table in database for mapping geographical or regional information.

Postal Code : In some countries, it is called zip code. PlaceStateProvince / CountyCommunityLatitudeLongitudeCountryContinent

Latitude and Longitude by Zip Codes

We have split the below section by different continents. Click on the particular continent in which the country falls in which you are looking for and then download CSV file by clicking on the button.


The following countries are covered in the downloaded CSV file.

Countries Azerbaijan Bangladesh India Japan Malaysia Pakistan Philippines Singapore South Korea Sri Lanka Thailand Turkey


Countries Aland Islands Andorra Austria Belarus Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Czechia Denmark Estonia Faroe Islands Finland France Germany Guernsey Hungary Iceland Ireland Isle of Man Italy Jersey Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Moldova Monaco Netherlands North Macedonia Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russia San Marino Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Svalbard and Jan Mayen Sweden Switzerland Ukraine United Kingdom

North America

Countries Bermuda Canada Costa Rica Dominican Republic Greenland Guadeloupe Guatemala Martinique Mexico Puerto Rico Saint Pierre and Miquelon U.S. Virgin Islands United States

South America

Countries Argentina Brazil Chile Colombia French Guiana Peru Uruguay


Countries American Samoa Australia Guam Marshall Islands Micronesia New Caledonia New Zealand Northern Mariana Islands Palau Wallis and Futuna


Countries Algeria Malawi Mayotte Reunion South Africa

Country Demographic

Bonus Incase you are searching for demographic information of countries such as area, population, capital, currency, phone extension, neighbour countries etc.
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