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Your guide to sessions, learning paths, and more at Google Cloud Security Summit 2023

Our annual Google Cloud Security Summit is coming next week, and we have an exciting agenda with keynotes, demos, and breakout sessions. This year, we’re featuring two tracks: Frontline Intelligence and Cloud Innovation. When you attend the summit, you will be the first to learn about the latest technologies and strategies that can help protect your business, your customers, and your cloud transformation from emerging threats. 

We have an exciting lineup of speakers this year including experts from Google and leaders from Citi, Broadcom, GoFundme, Nordnet AB, and our partners F5, Accenture, Deloitte, and Palo Alto Networks. Register here for the event on June 13 and watch the sessions live and on-demand. If you are in Europe, the Middle East, or Africa, please visit the EMEA page to view the summit sessions in your time zone on June 14.

Here’s what you can expect when you attend:

Summit keynote and demo

Transform your cybersecurity with Google Cloud’s frontline intelligence and AI-driven cloud innovation
Featured speakers: 
Sunil Potti, vice president and general manager, Cloud Security, Google Cloud
Kerry Matre, senior director, Mandiant Services and Solutions, Google Cloud
Steph Hay, director of user experience, Cloud Security, Google Cloud

In this keynote, leaders from Google Cloud and Mandiant will share our latest insights into the evolving threat landscape, and how new innovations across our portfolio, including generative AI-driven capabilities, can help organizations better prevent threats, eliminate toil, and empower our collective talent to improve our security.

Supercharge security with generative AI
Featured speaker: 
Umesh Shankar, chief technologist, Cloud Security, Google Cloud

Recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI), particularly in large language models (LLMs), accelerate our industry’s ability to help the people responsible for keeping their organizations safe. In this session, we’ll show how Google Cloud Security AI Workbench, our industry-first platform powered by a specialized security LLM, enhances our security portfolio.

Breakout sessions

This year, we will be featuring breakout sessions in two tracks, Frontline Intelligence and Cloud Innovation. You can switch between them to view sessions live, and catch what you missed on-demand. 

Cloud Innovation:

1. Secure from the core: Applying key security lessons to software supply chains
Featured speakers: 
Andy Chang, group product manager, Google Cloud
Jonathan Meadows, managing director, Citi Tech Fellow, Citi

In this session, we’ll explore the most common types of software supply chain attacks and discuss best practices for securing your software supply chain, including risk assessment and management processes, establishing strong controls, and building a culture of supply chain security.

2. GoFundMe: Securing donations from fraud with reCAPTCHA Enterprise
Featured speakers: 
Jess Leroy, senior director, Product Management, Google Cloud 
Matthew Murray, director of risk, GoFundMe

Financial fraud, fake accounts, and fake campaigns represent some of the most pressing challenges for organizations that depend on their online channels. In this session, learn how reCAPTCHA Enterprise helps GoFundMe protect their users from fraud, and how every dollar goes to someone in need.

3. Global compliance without compromise: Running regulated workloads on Google Cloud
Featured speakers: 
Christopher Johnson, regulated cloud solution group product manager, Google Cloud
Ganesh Janikaraman, head of platform engineering, Broadcom

Assured Workloads creates a secure and compliant environment to host regulated workloads in Google Cloud. Attend this session to hear how Broadcom is using Assured Workloads to address compliance requirements for their security software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings. 

4. Pinpointing and mitigating cloud security risks: New attack path simulations in Security Command Center
Featured speakers: 
Joakim Nydrén, product manager, Security Command Center, Google Cloud
Ahmed Beder, security engineer, Nordnet AB

What if you could quickly pinpoint where your cloud environment may be exposed, and then quickly mitigate the risk of attack? In this session, you’ll see how Security Command Center uses advanced AI to help you visualize the multistage steps an attacker may take to exploit vulnerabilities, giving you the opportunity to remediate threats before they impact your business. 

5. From vulnerability to resilience: A story of auto-remediation with Security Command Center
Featured speakers: 
Reynaldo Evangelista, senior manager, Google Cloud Security, Accenture
Don Santos, security innovation principal, Accenture

In a cloud environment, a misconfigured resource potentially allows unauthorized access to sensitive data. In this session, you’ll learn how auto-remediation can help organizations mitigate the risk of misconfigurations in their Google Cloud environments. 

6. Secure your cloud migration journey with Google Cloud and Palo Alto Networks
Featured speakers: 
Kambiz Kazemi, staff solutions consultant, Google Cloud
Matthew McLimans, technical engagement director, Palo Alto Networks

Different cloud migration strategies require different cloud security strategies. In this session, learn about the security challenges of four different cloud migration strategies, and how to apply and expand your existing Palo Alto Networks tools to Google Cloud to support your journey with simplicity. 

Frontline Intelligence:

1. The Defender’s Advantage for cloud
Featured speaker: 
Kerry Matre, senior director, Mandiant Services and Solutions, Google Cloud

Defenders have a fundamental advantage arising from the fact that they have control over the landscape where they will meet their adversaries. In this session, you’ll learn about the six critical functions of cyber defense and how you can galvanize and capitalize on your defender’s advantage.

2. Threat intelligence briefing with Mandiant
Featured speaker: 
Andrew Kopcienski, principal analyst, Mandiant Google Cloud

Join this Mandiant threat intelligence briefing to get insights into the latest tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) and tools used by threat actors. This session will provide actionable recommendations that organizations can use to be more proactive in bolstering their security posture against these threats.

3. Enabling business success by reducing cyber exposures
Featured speaker: 
Alexa Rzasa, product marketing manager, Mandiant, Google Cloud

In this session, we’ll go over how our Exposure Management solution helps enterprises reliably and continuously reduce the most critical and exploitable exposures – before adversaries act on them. 

4. Simpler cloud-native threat detection, investigation and response, from end to end
Featured speakers: 
Nimmy Reichenberg, group product marketing manager, Google Cloud
John Stoner, global principal security strategist, Google Cloud

Threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) in the cloud requires different approaches, tools, and processes. Yet many organizations resort to lift-and-shift approaches rooted in legacy security operations. Join this session to learn how we provide superior, packaged TDIR for Google Cloud at a fraction of the effort.

5. Enemy at the gates: The new age of extended detection and response
Featured speakers: 
Mike Morris, head of engineering, U.S. Detect and Respond, Deloitte & Touche LLP
Arun Perinkolam, U.S. Google Cloud security practice leader, Deloitte & Touche LLP
Chris Corde, director, product management, Security Operations, Google Cloud

Join us for this panel discussion on how Deloitte and Google Cloud Security have collaborated to deliver Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) by Deloitte where we’ll cover tried and tested practices to reduce the mean time to detect threats.

6. F5 Automated Defense for application security
Featured speaker: 
Brian McHenry, vice president, Web Application and API Security, F5

Join this session to learn how F5 Automated Defense can help you reduce the risk of your applications being attacked by malicious actors, improve your security posture by providing a comprehensive set of application security features, and increase the uptime of your applications.

Beyond the breakout sessions, we will offer additional on-demand videos, demos, and learning paths that you can explore on the Security Summit page. We can’t wait for you to join us and learn all things Security at Google Cloud Security Summit!

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