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Why IT execs need to consider GraphQL

Enterprise IT has long been a morass of oft-conflicting infrastructure choices, and recent advances have arguably made things worse. Cloud, for example, promised to make everything better, but 10-plus years of cloud-native investments have complicated things by creating a thicket of microservices, APIs, and other “cloud-native best practices.” For those hoping AI might somehow solve all this, well, I’ve got bad news for you: no sane IT person will wire ChatGPT into the CRM or ERP systems, due to lack of governance.

Despite the complexity, and despite a somewhat challenging macroeconomic environment, “You can’t opt out of building great software,” as Apollo GraphQL CTO and Cofounder Matt DeBergalis declares in an interview. Sitting still while fiddling with outdated or overly complicated dials and knobs on your infrastructure simply won’t work.

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