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What’s new at Next

Google Cloud Next ‘21 has begun! We’ll be updating this blog post throughout Next with the latest announcements about Google Cloud products, solutions, and partnerships. Just bookmark this page to get all your Next news in one handy place.

Cloud Everywhere

Introducing Google Distributed Cloud—in your data center, at the edge, and in the cloud
Google Distributed Cloud is a portfolio of fully managed hardware and software solutions that extend Google Cloud’s infrastructure and services to the edge and data centers. Enabled by Anthos, it’s ideal for running local data processing, low-latency edge compute workloads, modernizing on-premises environments, running sensitive workloads that meet sovereignty requirements, or deploying private 5G/LTE solutions for customers. Read the full announcement here.

Google Cloud Cortex Framework
The new Google Cloud Cortex Framework is a foundation of endorsed solution reference templates and content for customers to accelerate business outcomes with less risk, complexity, and cost. This allows customers to kickstart insights and reduce time-to-value with reference architectures, packaged services, and deployment accelerators. Customers can deploy templatized solutions from Google Cloud and our trusted partners for specific use cases and business scenarios in a faster, more cost-effective way. In our first release, customers can take advantage of a rich data foundation of building blocks and templates for SAP environments. Read the announcement.

Customer Breakthrough in Industry

Contact Center AI Insights [GA Announcement]
Contact Center AI (CCAI) Insights extends the impact of Google Cloud’s CCAI solution, which lets businesses enable rich and conversational customer experiences via capabilities such as AI-powered virtual agents and Agent Assist. CCAI Insights builds on these capabilities with out-of-the-box and custom modeling techniques, making it easier for teams to use AI to mine raw contact center interaction data for actionable information, regardless of whether that data originated with a virtual or human agent.

To learn more about CCAI Insights, click here

Contract DocAI [Preview] 
Contract DocAI adds to Google Cloud’s DocAI solutions, a scalable cloud-based AI platform to help businesses efficiently scan, analyze, and understand documents. Contract DocAI brings new features purpose-built for the most important and complicated documents of all: contracts. By automatically discerning important terms and the relationships among them, Contract DocAI also helps human reviewers to work more efficiently, leading to faster and less expensive contract processing, while providing new semantic lenses to categorize and analyze contract content. 

To learn more about Contract DocAI, click here

Leading with Data

Vertex AI Workbench
We’re pleased to announce in public preview Vertex AI Workbench, a natural evolution of Google Cloud’s Notebook offerings, which respond to the ever-changing needs of our customers for standardized, integrated ML tooling.

Vertex AI Workbench is the single environment for data scientists to complete all of their ML work, from experimentation, to deployment, to managing and monitoring models. It is a Jupyter-based, fully-managed, scalable, enterprise-ready compute infrastructure with security controls and user management capabilities.

With Vertex AI Workbench, data analysts, data scientists, and all data and AI practitioners can analyze all their data from BigQuery, Dataproc, Spark, Looker, and Vertex AI in one interface. Vertex AI Workbench facilitates training data at scale, with fewer lines of code, and easy connectivity to our MLOps services to improve model survivability at the hand-off point to ML engineers.

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