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What would you build with $500 in Google Cloud credits included with Innovators Plus?

Imagine you had $500 in Google Cloud credits to build whatever you want. That’s what you get when you start an Innovators Plus subscription, along with a range of other benefits including: access to the entire catalog of on-demand training on Google Cloud Skills Boost, a certification exam voucher, invite-only quarterly technical briefings, and live-learning events. It’s the best of Google Cloud for anyone looking to skill up your expertise for in-demand cloud roles. I’ll get into detail on that below.

Iasked our communitywhat they would use the $500 Google Cloud credits for, and they came back with some really great ideas. 

Here are some that I wanted to share:

Build your own Mastodon server on Google Cloud Platform (@lukwam, @ehienabs). This is a hot topic these days, and picking the right server involves a variety of choices and ultimately comes down to the experience you want for your community. Justin Ribeiro talks about how to do that on Google Cloud Platform in this article.

Use Vision AI to identify beer preferences and choices (@Pistol_Peter_D). This is a cool idea in which you could take a picture of a refrigerator door in a store, for example. The photo would then be used to recommend a beer based on your personal preferences, ratings, and other details. Check out Vision AI here to see how it could help build out that idea.

Outdoor activity map tracker app with journaling activities enabled (@rmcsqrd). A great idea for anyone who lives an active lifestyle! Consider using Google Maps under the hood for this.

Indulge your domain name addiction (@lukeschlangen). Are you into buying and selling interesting domain names? Here is our Cloud Domains documentation for registration, transfer and management of domains with Google Cloud to help you with that.

Invent a tool that picks green regions, helping you balance latency and emissions to choose the most sustainable Google Cloud region for your app (@taylorkstacey). Check out this Google Cloud region picker tool that considers carbon footprint, price and latency.

Build your skillset by using the Cloud Resume Challenge to do a self-guided tour of Google Cloud Platform (@billblum). Google Cloud Skills Boost has loads of resume-building, hands-on labs that give you access to the Google Cloud Platform.

Watch this 60 second YouTube short where I talk about these some more. 

OK, so you have the vision, how do you get the credits and get started building? 

Explore Innovators Plus today and make the most of great savings 

Innovators Plusis an annual subscription for technical practitioners and developers, offering extensive additional training benefits to grow your career in cloud, with new knowledge and skills.

For $299/year Innovators Plus offers you benefits with up to 80% savings off the full retail value of this package. Innovators Plus includes:

$500 of Google Cloud credits – what will you build?

BONUS! An extra $500 credit after the first certification earned each year

Access to the entire Google Cloud Skills Boost catalog of extensive on-demand training: over 700 courses, labs, certification preparation, and learning paths to help grow your career

Ready to get that Google Cloud certification? You’ll get a voucher to help you reach for that goal

Special access to Google Cloud experts, executives and learning events throughout the year

Join us at technical briefings and private events

1:1 consultations with Google Cloud experts

Learn more about the benefits of Innovators Plus and see what you can build and learn 2023!

*Innovators Plus requires you to use a Google Account and a Developer Profile. For customers in the EEA, the UK, and Switzerland, Innovators Plus is restricted to business or professional use.

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