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What AWS customers really care about

Pity the tech company that tries to put out news this week, particularly on Tuesday, when AWS re:Invent kicks off. Trying to compete with AWS during its big conference is absolutely futile given the barrage of launches and updates the cloud giant will make. It’s hardly even worth predicting what AWS will announce, as I’ve tried to do in the past. The reason? AWS does so much in so many different categories that trying to find a unifying theme can be as daunting as it is futile.

But here’s something you can bet on: Someone somewhere is going to be infuriated by an AWS announcement. In the AWS quest for customer obsession (Leadership Principle #1), it tends to overlook leaving offerings for the local deities of open source, multicloud, and even serverless. Yes, sometimes AWS could (and, really, should) do more in these categories in pursuit of customer obsession, but perhaps not so much as its detractors might suggest.

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