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Webhook, Pub/Sub, and Slack Alerting notification channels launched

When an alert fires from your applications, your team needs to know as soon as possible to mitigate any user-facing issues. Customers with complex operating environments rely on incident management or related services to organize and coordinate their responses to issues. They need the flexibility to route alert notifications to platforms or services in the formats that they can accept. 

We’re excited to share that Google Cloud Monitoring’s Webhooks, Pub/Sub, and Slack notification channels for alerting are now Generally Available (GA). Along with our existing notification channels of email, SMS, mobile, and PagerDuty (currently in Beta), Google Cloud alerts can now be routed to many widely used services.  These new notification channels can be used to integrate alerts with the most popular Collaboration, ITSM, Incident Management, and virtually any other service or software that support Webhooks or Pub/Sub integration.

You can configure your Google Cloud alerts to be sent to any vendor or custom-built tool used by your team. For example, your GKE cluster uptime checks can send the alert data to a 3rd party communication tool via the pub/sub notification channel. Or if you’re tracking security concerns such as unexpected IP addresses, you can send a log-based alert to your incident management provider. 

How to Configure Webhook, Pub/Sub, or Slack Notifications

For custom integrations, Pub/Sub is the recommended approach for sending notifications to a private network. Webhooks are supported for public endpoints and are available with basic and token authentication. Both of these notification channels can be enabled programmatically through an automation tool like Terraform.  

If you’re using Slack, you can enable Cloud Monitoring access to your Slack channel/workspace and then create the notification channel. If you’d like to automate Slack channel notification deployments, you’ll need to create and install your own Slack app and reuse the OAuth token instead of using the Google Cloud Monitoring app.

What’s Next 

If you’d like to learn more, check out our example tutorial blog on how to send pub/sub notifications to external vendors using Cloud Run and Cloud Build. Please feel free to share your comments and feedback with us in the Google Cloud Community

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