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Use cases enabled by Cloud-based maps styling

Last November, we launched Cloud-based maps styling to enable simpler, faster map creation and deployment with no coding. You can use over 250 points of customization to tailor your maps and create richer user experiences, drive deeper user engagement and elevate your brand. It also saves developer time and resources needed to create, deploy, and test different map implementations.

Cloud-based maps styling allows you to design, manage, and deploy maps for a wide array of use cases across web and mobile including the following: 

You can also customize which specific categories of business POIs to show, how many POIs to show in an area, highlight relevant landmarks, show detailed street maps with sidewalks, crosswalks, traffic lights, and much more. 

With Cloud-based maps styling, you can help your users more easily make short- and long-term decisions, from getting more context about a home that’s currently on the market to better understand what there is to do in the area after a user visits your store or restaurant. And with features like zoom-level customization, tilt and rotation and WebGL Overlay View, you can create 3D interactive experiences that help your users contextualize and visualize an area in more detail.

To learn more about the use cases that are possible across industries, sign up to attend our webinar on April 27, where Product Manager Ilya Bezdelev, Sr. Software Engineer Linsey Hansen and Staff Designer Chris Raykovich will demonstrate a number of innovative new use cases. You can also visit our documentation to learn more about how Cloud-based maps styling can improve user experience and engagement, while saving developer time and resources.

For more information on Google Maps Platform, visit our website.

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