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Transforming learning and research with Cloud – Google Cloud Government and Education Summit, Nov. 3-4

Educational institutions have faced a rollercoaster of shifts and challenges over the past year and a half. Throughout the course of the pandemic, more than1.2 billion students in 186 countries were affected due to school closures, and educators and administrators worked heroically to move education online, often in days or weeks, to ensure that learning could continue.

Today’s educators are focused on building on lessons learned and capturing the immense potential of education technology (EdTech) and using cloud tools to transform education, learning outcomes, and academic research. Their stories are inspiring and highlight the power of ingenuity and determination to adapt to unexpected challenges and build a brighter future.

At the Google Cloud Government and Education Summit, November 3-4, we are proud to highlight many of these powerful stories. Hear from and engage with education, research, and technology leaders from across the globe as they share best practices and inspiration for propelling education and scientific innovation to the next level.

Transforming the Student Experience: Learning as we know it changed dramatically during the pandemic, and technology was at the forefront of helping to maintain continuity. Today, institutions are focused on extending the use of technology to continue to evolve the student experience to ensure better outcomes. Join us for several important sessions.

The Education Innovation Journey: With changes in the education community, institutions seek new ways technology can transform the educational experience to meet student and administration needs. Join Judd Nicholson, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, Georgetown University, Jim Scantlin, Executive Director for Bay District Schools andMatt Rhoton, Chief Technology Officer, Arizona State University, along with Steven Butschi, Head of Education, Google Cloud,to understand how to spearhead innovation to modernize service delivery.

Reimagining the Learning Experience: No two learners are equal in their strengths and needs. Learning platforms are changing the student experience – allowing for customized educational goals mapped to individual needs and preparing learners to be their best selves with tailored learning pathways. Join this session to hear two different paths for success – from theCouncil Bluffs, Iowa Community Schools’ pilot for virtualized Career and Technical Education (CTE) student applications to the work the Michigan Correctionssystemis doing to reinvent their learning systems.

Increasing Student Success with the Power of AI: Colleges and universities seek solutions that address resource constraints, constantly evolving content, and time-consuming grading cycles. The solution? A personalized interactive tutor built with Google Cloud’s AI and machine learning capabilities dynamically enables customized learning and evaluates concept comprehension at scale for students. Jesus Trujillo Gomez, Strategic Business Executive, Education and Research, Google Cloud, Samudra Sen, Founder and CEO of LearningMate Solutions, Travis Willard, Chief Product Officer, Southern New Hampshire University, and Steven Tom, Chief Customer Officer,Adtalem Global Education will share how this innovation is transforming and enhancing student success.

Investing in Stronger EdTech Systems: The future of education delivery relies on institutions better serving their students and communities by building transformative teaching and learning solutions. Investing in EdTech leads to a more personalized student experience.

How Do EdTech Companies Partner with Google Cloud? EdTech companies serve a wide range of teachers, learners, and organizations worldwide. Learn from Ryan Clark, Partner Program Lead, Google Cloud,and Alisa Sommer, Head of EdTech Business Development and Partnerships, Google, about how Google Cloud can help your EdTech company enhance educational experiences for students and educators anywhere by building AI and data-driven experiences and integrating your services with Google for Education tools.

Transforming Research and Discovery: While education technology is advancing learning systems, higher education institutions across the world are on the frontlines of some of the most exciting scientific discoveries of our time. By utilizing cloud and next-generation technologies, such as AI and virtual agents, they are accelerating scientific innovation that is changing lives for the better.

Transforming Life Science and Personalized Care: Data holds the key to targeted medicine, from early risk and detection to next-gen preventative care. Healthcare organizations are rich with data, but many struggle to translate it into actionable insight. Sean Dudley, Assistant Vice President and Chief Research Information Officer, Research Technology at Arizona State University, and Deepti Shroff Karhade, Pediatric Dentist Residentat the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, share how they are taking the next steps to democratize life science data to address critical issues in health.

Accelerating Time to Science to Fight COVID-19:  At the height of COVID-19, researchers focused their efforts on fast-tracking the therapeutic discovery process, with cloud-based programs accelerating virtual screening and compound analysis. Google Cloud supports the pre-processing and completion of virtual molecule testing at a magnitude and scale not seen thus far – more than one billion compounds analyzed in five days without compromising on accuracy or efficiency. Join Christoph Gorgulla, Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School, Ahmed El Naggar, Ph. D. Candidate,Technical University of Munich,and Lorene Nelson, Ph. D., MS, Associate Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Population Health, Stanford University School of Medicine,along with moderator Flora Huang, Customer Engineer, Google Cloud, for insight into how these organizations leverage Google Cloud to help accelerate time to discovery in the race for COVID-19 therapies.

We look forward to you joining us on our education transformation journey as we work to build more personalized learning systems and student-centered processes.

The Google Cloud Government and Education Summit is a complementary event filled with opportunities to learn, share, and engage. Save your spot to be with us on November 3-4 –Register today

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