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Transform Your Agency’s Security Posture with a New Offer from Workspace

Recent events have underscored the critical need for robust cloud security. The Cyber Safety Review Board’s (CSRB) in-depth analysis of the Microsoft Exchange Online intrusion, detailed in this blog post CSRB report highlights the need for new approaches to securing the public sector, reveals vulnerabilities that can impact any organization. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the escalating risks of cyberattacks and the critical need for proactive, multi-layered cloud security.

Google Workspace: Secure collaboration and innovation

Google Workspace has long been a leader in cloud security. Our commitment to advanced threat detection, zero-trust architecture, and continuous vulnerability patching sets us apart. We’ve built upon a decade of experience, combined with ideas and best practices from the community, constantly evolving our security practices to stay ahead of emerging threats. We actively participate in industry standards bodies and collaborate with security experts to ensure our platform remains resilient.

Protecting Your Data Is Our Top Priority

We understand the unique requirements of public sector agencies and offer solutions designed to meet your specific needs. Your data is invaluable. That’s why we’ve implemented stringent measures to safeguard it:

Encryption in Transit and at Rest: Your data is protected at every stage.Granular Access Controls: You control who can access what, ensuring sensitive information stays confidential, including context aware access to protect your critical data.Automatic defenses powered by Google AI, to protect against advanced threatsCloud-native apps that run on Google’s global infrastructureInternal and external data sharing controls that helps prevent leaksClient-side encryption that prevents data access from third parties

For a limited time, qualifying public sector customers can get special pricing for Workspace Enterprise Plus, Assured Controls Plus, Chrome Enterprise Premium, and training and migration assistance.

If your agency is currently using legacy email or productivity solutions, our Secure Alternative Program for the public sector offers a pathway to enhanced security. This program includes special pricing on Workspace Enterprise Plus, Assured Controls, and Chrome Enterprise Premium as well as incentives to help with migration and change management support. Download our security whitepaper, “Google Workspace: A More Secure Alternative” if you want to evaluate your options.

Ready to dive in? Join Us for a SCuBA Secure Configuration Baselines in Google Workspace Workshop on June 13

If you are a security director or IT Manager for a federal civilian agency looking to understand how Google Workspace can help you meet CISA Benchmarks, register for a full day workshop on June 13th in Washington D.C. This workshop will feature expert-led sessions and demos, and was designed in partnership with CISA and MITRE. Register today, limited spots available.

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