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Tools Tapping AI for Content Marketing, Content Creation Gaining Traction 

By AI Trends Staff  

Humans are good at the creative side of content marketing, telling stories that resonate with customers, using gut feel to decide what to publish next. Strategic thinking may involve keyword research, topic selection, and performance tracking.   

A new generation of tools tapping AI and machine learning is coming along to help content marketers gain an edge by bringing actual data into the picture, reports a recent account from the Marketing AI Institute. 

Mike Kaput, CMO, Marketing AI Institute

“Turns out, artificial intelligence and machine learning can be competitive advantages on the science side of your content marketing,” stated Mike Kaput, Chief Content Officer, at the institute, in a blog post. 

Benefits of incorporating AI in content marketing were recently spelled out in a blog post  from the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED), a non-profit based in Greece that promotes entrepreneurs across Europe.  

These include: 

Creation of automated AI content: big brands including Fox and Yahoo are doing it; the tools use natural language generation AI techniques that generate natural language from structured data;
Using chatbots to enhance user experience: using AI, machine learning and natural language processing to mimic human interaction, chatbots provide customer support on a 24/7 basis; they can also collect customer data that can be used to make content marketing decisions; 
Generating data-driven insight: the audience increasingly looks for content to be personalized to their specific needs and expectations; predictive analytics can help determine where  a customer is in the buying journey.

In one high-profile use case, the Washington Post developed the software product Heliograf, to enhance content creation for major news events; it was first used during the 2016 Rio Olympics to assist journalists with the results of medal events. The Post extended Heliograf to produce audio reports of election results for the elections in November 2020, with localized results updates for House, Senate, and presidential races.  

“We enhanced our industry-leading automated storytelling technology to create a first-of-its-kind way for our podcast listeners to stay up to date,” stated Elite Truong, director of strategic initiatives at The Washington Post.” We are excited to see how readers respond to this feature as we continue pushing the boundaries of storytelling innovation.”  

Descriptions of a selection of content  marketing automation tools incorporating AI follow.  

Tools from Concurred, Acrolinx Combine AI and Content Creation 

Concured  offers what it describes as a “content intelligence” tool that can research, create and personalize content. Founded in 2015, the company has raised $1.3 million to date, according to Crunchbase. Customer Kate Lavail, strategies director at Hill and Knowlton, stated in a comment on the firm’s website, “As the planning department, we have saved 70% of our time through adopting the platform, making us more reactive and scalable.”  

Mark Thomson, director of analytics at SJR (Scientific Journal Rankings), stated, “The machine beat us hands down in terms of speed; it was able to supply topic analysis within minutes,” replicating the firm’s methodology.  

Tremayne Bidgood, senior content marketing manager at ICAEW (the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales), stated, “Concured has helped bridge the gap between the social and content teams, and assisted us in working together to produce and identify engaging content to share with our audiences.” 

Sören Stamer, CEO of CoreMedia

Acrolinx offers tools for authoring content related to company strategy, calling it “content governance,” and analyzing its performance. Acrolinx recently entered a partnership with CoreMedia, a global provider of digital experience headquartered in Hamburg. “We are entering a period of hyper growth when it comes to digital content creation. Cultural production is accelerating, and our brands need to keep up,” stated Sören Stamer, CEO of CoreMedia. “CoreMedia Content Cloud and Acrolinx are teaming up to provide a new model for global brand orchestration.”   

Acrolinx was founded in 2002 and has raised $60 million to date, according to Crunchbase. The company is headquartered in Berlin, with North American offices in Waltham, Mass.   

The software company Salesforce is using Acrolinx tools to review terminology used on its websites to make them more inclusive. Salesforce is putting an inclusive product language process into action by engaging with Acrolinx teams. Examples: the site is now using “allowlist” and “blocklist” instead of “whitelist” and “blacklist.” Also, “blockout” and “reduced availability” instead of “blackout” and “brownout.” 

“Inclusion is like caring for your teeth; there is no finish line. No matter how well you clean your teeth today, over time they require more care,” stated Kat Holmes, senior VP of product design and UX (user experience) for Salesforce, referring to the effort to maintain inclusive terminology as ongoing.    

Read the source articles and information in a blog post from  the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED), in a blog post from the Marketing AI Institute and from The Washington Post. 

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