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The Web at Work: How Miro turned a tab into a think tank

Working in the browser has become the norm for many companies. There is a whole ecosystem of applications and technologies that support people being productive in Chrome every day. In our “The Web at Work” series, we take a closer look at browser-based apps that are changing the modern work experience.

Today we’re featuring Miro, a visual workspace for innovation that allows teams to collaborate and build ideas in real-time right from the browser.

Connecting people through creativity 

In hybrid and remote environments, exclusively in-person meetings have become increasingly impractical and uncommon. But teams still need a place where they can collaborate, problem-solve, and generate ideas. Enter Miro – a visual platform where colleagues can work together on projects from start to finish, from brainstorming and strategy to design and execution. Hundreds of people can work in a single tab, regardless of their physical location. Today, more than 50 million people worldwide use Miro.

Innovating seamlessly with Miro and Google Workspace, together

Despite the large number of online communication tools, distributed teams can benefit from shared places to connect around ideas together and asynchronously. Today, discussions can be spread across different platforms, which results in misalignment, wasted time, and redundant meetings. Miro helps solve these challenges by providing a place where teams can work together across digital environments. To get started, create a new board or select one of the many pre-built templates available like team retrospective, user journey map, or a flow chart to help visualize a strategy. For inspiration, browse Miroverse to see how thousands of other companies and users are working in Miro.

Businesses can incorporate the tools their teams already use on a daily basis as Miro integrates with more than one hundred apps and add-ons. The visual workspace works seamlessly with Google’s suite of products thanks to Miro’s add-ons for Google Workspace

For example, users can add a Miro board to a Google Calendar invite when setting up a team sync. Then, during the Google Meet video call, participants can launch the Miro board directly in the meeting to view and edit the board together,  making use of Miro’s powerful facilitation and presentation features as well as the Meet features like chat, polls, and raising a hand—all in the same tab. Bring in relevant materials into the Miro board like Google Docs and Slides with the Google Drive add-on for Miro.

This helps to foster collaboration and engagement, giving everyone an opportunity to contribute and share ideas, without having to leave the browser. 

Miro’s Collaborative Whiteboard. Integrated within Google Meet.

One browser tab, endless possibilities 

Miro empowers teams to digitally collaborate in a natural and meaningful way. And one of its unique features is that the canvas is infinite—people can continue to expand on each other’s ideas without any limitations. Nobody knows what the next big, world-changing idea will be. But there is a very good chance that it will start with a Miro board in a Chrome tab. 

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