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The Google Cloud DevOps Awards: Final call for submissions!

DevOps continues to be a major business accelerator for our customers and we continually see success from customers applying DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) principles and findings to their organization. This is why the first annual DevOps Awardsis targeted to recognize customers shaping the future of DevOps with DORA. Share your inspirational story, supported by examples of business transformation and operational excellence, today. 

With inputs from over 32,000 professionals worldwide and seven years of research, the Accelerate State of DevOps Report is the largest and longest running DevOps research of its kind. The different categories of DevOps Awards map closely to the practices and capabilities that drive high performance, as identified by the report

Organizations, irrespective of their  size, industry, and region are able to apply to one or all ten categories. Please find the categories and their descriptions below:

Optimizing for Speed without sacrificing stability: This award recognizes one  Google Cloud customer that has driven improvements in speed without sacrificing quality. 

Embracing easy-to-use tools to improve remote productivity: The research showcases how high performing engineers are 1.5 times more likely to have easy to-use tools. To be eligible for this award, share your stories on how easy to use DevOps tools have helped you improve engineer productivity.

Mastering effective disaster recovery: This award winner will be awarded to demonstrate how a robust, well-testeddisaster recovery (DR) plan can  protect business operations.

Leveraging loosely coupled architecture: This award recognizes one customer that successfully transitioned from a tightly coupled architecture to service-oriented and microservice architectures.

Unleashing the full power of the Cloud: This award recognizes a Google Cloud customer leveraging all five capabilities of cloud computing to improve software delivery and organizational performance. Specifically, these five capabilities include: 
– On demand self-service
– Broad network access
– Measured service
– Rapid elasticity
– Resource pooling.

Read more about the five essential characteristics of cloud computing

Most improved documentation quality: This award recognizes one customer that has successfully integrated documentation into their DevOps workflow using Google Cloud Platform tools.

Reducing burnout during COVID-19: We will recognize one customer that implemented effective processes to improve work/life balance, foster a healthy DevOps culture, and ultimately prevent burnout.

Utilizing IT operations to drive informed business decisions: This award will go to one customer that employed DevOps best practices to break down silos between development and operations teams.

Driving inclusion and diversity in DevOps: To highlight the importance of a diverse organization, this award honors one Google Cloud customer that: 

Prioritizes diversity and inclusion initiatives for their organization to transform and strengthen their business. 


Creates unique solutions to help build a more diverse, inclusive, and accessible workplace for your customer, leading to higher levels of engagement, productivity, and innovation.

Accelerating DevOps with DORA: This award recognizes one customer that has successfully integrated the most DORA practices and capabilities into their workflow using Google Cloud Platform tools.

This is your chance to show your innovation globally and become a role model for the industry to improve. Winners will receive invitations to roundtables and discussions, press materials, website and social badges, special announcements and even a trophy award.

We are excited to see all your great submissions. Applications are open until January 31st, so apply for what best suits your company and stay tuned for our awards show in February 2022!

For more information on the awards visit our webpageand check out The Google Cloud DevOps Awards Guidebook.

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