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The future of infrastructure modernization: how Google Cloud Innovators are embracing the cloud

Google Cloud Champion Innovators is a global network of roughly 600 external professionals who are technical experts in Google Cloud products and services. Each Champion specializes in one of nine different technical categories including Coud AI/ML, Data Analytics, Databases, Hybrid Multi-Cloud, Modern Architecture, Security and Networking, Serverless App Development, Storage, or Google Workspace. In this ongoing interview series we sit down with Champion Innovators across the world to learn more about their journeys, technology focus, and what excites them.

Today we’re talking to Rohan Singh, a Senior Cloud Infrastructure Engineer at SADA – An Insight Company, and a Google Cloud Champion Innovator specializing in Modern Architecture. He focuses on infrastructure modernization and migration, applying his expertise to help organizations embrace the transformative power of cloud technologies.

Natalie Tack: What technology area are you most fascinated with, and why? 

Rohan Singh: Quite simply, I’m passionate about the cloud and DevOps: every day brings fresh developments, and there’s always something new to learn. As a Senior Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, my work involves helping clients with their application infrastructure, focusing on strategy planning and choosing the best approach to their specific modernization and migration needs. A lot of companies are still working with legacy infrastructure, and finding the right strategy for them is a challenge that I really enjoy. Containerization is really big at the moment, so I’m doing a lot of work with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Anthos and using Migrate for Compute Engine to transition VMs from on-premise to the Cloud. 

NT: What are some upcoming trends you’re enthusiastic about?

RS: I’m seeing more and more interest in Infrastructure as a Code (IaC). IaC enables you to increase your level of control over infrastructure implementation and design and improves resource management and code versioning. Google recently launched Infrastructure Manager, which uses Terraform and allows you to manage your Google Cloud infrastructure through IaC. As a Champion Innovator, I attended an internal session with the Google team where they presented the product and answered any queries we had. This was really useful, as I believe IaC is set to be a significant shift for the industry. 

I’m also really excited about the potential of generative AI. As a Champion Innovator, I was granted early access to Duet AI in Google Cloud, which I see as a sort of personal assistant who’s on call 24/7 to answer my queries and help me solve any code challenges. I’m looking forward to finding out more about the potential integration of generative AI with Google Cloud’s native DevOps tools for infrastructure and applications. It’s early days, but the potential to leverage generative AI to deliver improved solutions to clients, enhance our solution architecture and troubleshoot issues is thrilling. 

NT: How do you like to learn new services, applications and technologies?

RS: My main resources are Google Cloud blogs, documentation, and my company’s internal channels, where we continuously discuss cloud migration and modernization. Google Cloud release notes are great as the information is coming straight from the source. Google Cloud blog articles and Medium posts are also really useful. The Innovators program has gathered a wealth of technical expertise from Google Cloud itself and other Innovators around the world. 

Being an Innovator also gives me the opportunity to practice extensively on Google Cloud, which is great as I’m a strong believer in learning by doing. As soon as I find out about something new, I like to put it into practice straight away. But while passion is crucial, so is paying attention to your wellbeing. I focus on my mental health because it keeps me and my family happy and enhances my productivity. When my mind is at peace, I can think more clearly and provide better solutions to our clients.

NT: How has being part of the Innovators program impacted your personal and professional development?

RS: Access to internal and Innovators-only training and certifications has really helped shape my approach to infrastructure modernization and migration. Another huge advantage is the robust community support. You’re connected with dozens of cloud enthusiasts and seasoned professionals who are there to support you. 

Joining the program has also really expanded my horizons. I come from a small town where there aren’t many opportunities to interact with outsiders. Being an Innovator has boosted my confidence as well as my interpersonal and communication skills. I’ve also learned to articulate complex technical concepts in simple terms, which is really useful when working with non-technical colleagues and clients. 

Having “Google Cloud Champion Innovator for Modern Architecture” in your bio also makes a real difference. People pay far more attention to what you’re saying! Since joining the program, my global reach on LinkedIn and Medium, and the queries I receive, have increased threefold. 

NT: How important is community to you? 

RS: Very important! I’m a strong advocate for community engagement. Cloud communities and programs like Innovators emphasize collaboration and knowledge sharing and connect people from diverse backgrounds. Regular interactions with others provide insights into challenges we’re all facing and are a great way to gain perspective. 

I actively seek to share my stories and experiences and help people on the Google Cloud community page and via my Medium blog, where I run an interview series called “Silly Sit-Downs(SSD) with Rohan” with people from the industry irrespective of their domain. Video and podcasts are really big these days, but I truly believe in the power of reading and writing. Reading sparks the imagination, and it’s accessible to people everywhere as it doesn’t require a strong internet connection. I see myself as a mentor now, communicating globally without barriers. I’m not interested in follower numbers per se, but when I get messages from people saying my content has helped them it really makes my day. 

NT: What advice would you give to budding Innovators? 

RS: Pursue knowledge and skills, not titles. Don’t choose a technology like cloud computing just because your friends are doing it or because you think you can make good money. Explore it first and if it interests you, start with the basics. Don’t stress yourself out with unrealistic expectations, such as becoming a cloud expert in six months. Take your time to learn and grow at your own pace, stay active, travel, learn new things beyond technology, talk to people, and take breaks when necessary.

Just getting started is difficult in its own right. For even more insight into how organizations are innovating with generative AI, check out our growing Innovators community – we appreciate ideas from like-minded Google Cloud users who want to take their journey to the next level.

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