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Take Your Machine Learning Skills Global

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In our interconnected world, a decision made thousands of miles away can have lasting consequences for entire organizations or economies. When small changes have big effects, it is unsurprising that companies and governments are turning to machine learning and AI to accurately predict risk.

How the Global Community is Applying Machine Learning

“Machine learning and AI is being used extensively in the financial services and cyber security industry. These industries use large numbers of data and customer interactions to predict future patterns and needs of a client,” explained Matthias Matthijs, associate professor of international political economy at Johns Hopkins University.

“Financial institutions are using AI to facilitate their decision-making processes about credit risk or loan risk, as well as for fraud detection. AI is also used in assessing a country’s sovereign debt risks. In the cybersecurity world, AI can pick up patterns of behavior and help an analyst process large amounts of information.”

Why Choose a Global Risk Degree?

If you’re a data-minded individual interested in these areas and geopolitics, you are on the right track for this degree.

“The most important qualities for someone to succeed in a program like the Master of Arts in Global Risk (online) are adaptability to new and quickly changing situations, as well as possession of critical analytical and rational thinking skills,” said Professor Matthijs.

Instead of a single skillset, gain an interdisciplinary advantage. If you are comparing a global risk degree and data science degree, consider this: “A degree in global risk casts a wider net and gives you certain critical-thinking skills that can only be developed by taking an interdisciplinary approach that borrows from economics, political science, history, and methods training.”

Specialization can future-proof your career. As machine-learning tools become widespread, specialization becomes vital. If you show technical ability and domain knowledge, you become an in-demand professional.

Apply the degree to a range of industries. A global risk program teaches quantitative analysis and modeling while emphasizing problem-solving, decision-making, and communication. Graduates are ready for consultant and data analyst positions in financial services, consultancies, government and international agencies, the military, and more.

Upskill or Career Change in Just Two Years

Johns Hopkins University offers a part-time Master of Arts in Global Risk (online) designed to help professionals make forward-looking decisions and contribute to risk management. Applicants are viewed holistically: no GRE or GMAT scores are required. To get started, download a program brochure.

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