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tab32 elevates the healthcare and dental industry with Google Cloud

Investment in healthcare technology is advancing rapidly, particularly as providers leverage cloud-based software for patient care. McKinsey estimates healthcare companies can generate up to $170 billion in value by 2030 through cloud investing — creating new opportunities for growth through better access to data.

As Google Cloud’s largest dental client, we’ve made it our mission to leverage the full potential of Google Cloud in a way that’s tailored to both dentists and their patients. Google Cloud’s strong commitment to compliance and security make it an ideal choice for health tech companies who must prioritize these issues.

Our team at tab32 has focused on building a platform that serves the dental industry, because the sector is evolving rapidly. Dental has the potential to become a technology leader in the healthcare space, shepherding in a future where our healthcare system is less siloed, and patients and providers alike are more easily able to communicate across disciplines. Looking ahead, companies that utilize Google Cloud as a foundation will be able to provide added value across healthcare fields thanks to the cloud-native infrastructure Google provides.

The benefits of using Google Cloud for healthcare

Google Cloud’s advanced services in hosting, networking, and machine learning have sealed its reputation as the gold standard in cloud technology. But, we built tab32’s dental practice management platform atop Google Cloud because of several specific features that enable improved healthcare access capabilities:

Secure data access. Google Cloud was built under the guidance of a 700-person security engineering team, which is far larger than most platforms provide. Their commitment to HIPAA-compliance is what allows us to ensure the highest level of security when it comes to patient data.

Reduced costs. By enabling multi-tenancy architecture, Google Cloud helps to reduce total ownership costs without affecting performance. Rather than relying on single tenant systems, which are time-consuming and expensive to scale, Google Cloud enables affordable cloud-native computing through multi-tenancy. Google Cloud’s multi-tenancy architecture also means that providers using our software can more easily customize it to their own needs.

Continuous care. Dentists, staff, and specialists can access real-time EHRs and PMS from anywhere to ensure patients never miss out on needed care. This technology can better support mobile clinics and remote employees. The platform has provided 99.9% uptime over the past six years of use.

Improved interoperability. Thanks to Google Cloud’s Healthcare Data Engine, users can harmonize data from multiple sources, ensuring no information is lost in decision-making. 

These innovations have made Google Cloud a best-in-class solution for healthcare providers, and the capabilities of cloud technology in health tech are truly realized when patient-centric platforms specific to each practice are built atop Google Cloud.

tab32 and Google Cloud: Revolutionizing the dental industry

Dental practices have long-relied on legacy technologies to analyze and share data. The barriers toward digitization are similar to those in other healthcare sectors, but the solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all. 

Google Cloud accommodates a broad array of healthcare institutions by providing world-class security as well as performance through multi-tenancy. Our mission is to utilize what Google Cloud offers to meet the specific needs of the dental industry, offering features such as:


Dental practice owners need effective solutions to scale their businesses effectively, without spending large amounts upfront to buy excess capacity. Using Google Cloud, we’re able to run over 100 instances of our platform without sacrificing performance. 


The sheer volume of files dental practices create — including treatment plans, charts, and x-rays — have always been a challenge for on-site file systems. We designed our Imaging Studio to help dentists better manage, store, and analyze this type of data, with over 250 million documents uploaded so far.

Data insights

tab32 usesGoogle Healthcare API and DICOM to enable scalable analytics viaBigQuery, an enterprise data warehouse that helps manage and analyze vast amounts of data with built-in machine learning, predictive analytics, and business intelligence capabilities.

OurOpen Data Warehouse™ allows businesses to leverage the power of data analytics right out of the box. Users can aggregate data and visualize data sets with Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Data Studio, and Looker to generate real-time reports to support accurate decision-making.

Stay at the forefront of the changing healthcare landscape

Democratizing access to healthcare data will ultimately have the biggest global impact on patients. Predictive models utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can evaluate the vast quantities of data providers collect and create to make better recommendations, leading to more effective outcomes in less time. These data points can include not only healthcare records, but x-rays and other images as well, leading to a personalized treatment response beyond what is possible without our technology.

The effect these data-driven innovations will have on the medical world is unparalleled. We’ll have faster and more accurate diagnoses, and the ability to prevent progressive oral health diseases before they start. Google Cloud’s security, speed, and efficiency allow such transformations to take place and change the state of healthcare at home and across the globe.

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