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Streamlining data integration with SQL Server source support in Datastream

Datastream, Google Cloud’s fully managed change data capture (CDC) service, has expanded its capabilities to include support for SQL Server sources. With existing support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle, support for SQL Server sources extends the reach of Datastream and empowers you to replicate data from a range of relational sources to several Google Cloud services, such as BigQuery, Cloud Storage, AlloyDB, and Spanner.

Unleashing the power of CDC for SQL Server

CDC plays a crucial role in modern data architectures, enabling continuous data ingestion and synchronization across various systems. With Datastream’s support for SQL Server databases, now you can easily stream your transactional data from SQL Server to a variety of destinations, unlocking new avenues for data-driven insights and decision-making.

Key benefits of SQL Server support for Datastream:

Near-real-time data synchronization: Instantly capture and replicate data changes from SQL Server to BigQuery and other destinations, ensuring data consistency and enabling real-time analytics.Streamlined data ingestion: Eliminate the need for complex data extraction and transformation processes, simplifying data integration and reducing operational overhead.Enhanced data democratization: Empower data analysts and developers with access to up-to-date data, enabling faster and more informed decision-making.

Unlocking new possibilities with Datastream

Datastream’s integration with SQL Server opens up a world of possibilities for organizations that rely on SQL Server as their primary database platform. With data replication to Google Cloud, you can:

Build real-time data pipelines to stream data from SQL Server to BigQuery for real-time analytics and machine learning applicationsReplicate data from SQL Server to Cloud Storage for archival and data lake update purposesEnable the migration of operational data from SQL Server databases to PostgreSQL, AlloyDB, or Spanner

In the past couple of months, Google customers and internal teams have evaluated Datastream’s SQL Server source support. Among these, Intuitive Technology Partners assessed the feature for an energy sector customer. “We were impressed by the ease of setup, stability and robust monitoring capabilities of Datastream’s new SQL Server source,” said Mohammed Shabbir, Program Lead, Database Transformation at Intuitive Technology Partners. “It handled various database configurations flawlessly, allowing us to confidently recommend it for production to our customers.”

Getting started with the SQL Server source in Datastream

With Datastream’s SQL Server support, you can streamline data integration, enhance data agility, and unlock new opportunities for data-driven decision-making. Now you can harness the power of your SQL Server data to fuel innovation and drive business growth. Enabling SQL Server support for Datastream is straightforward and requires minimal configuration. You can follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the Datastream documentation to quickly connect your SQL Server databases and start replicating data.

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