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Spin 1.0 aims to simplify WebAssembly microservices

Fermyon Technologies has published Spin 1.0, the first stable release the company’s open source framework for building event-driven microservice applications with WebAssembly.

Spin 1.0 was formally introduced on March 22. With Spin, developers can build WebAssembly microservices and web applications for deployment in the cloud. WebAssembly, a fast bytecode format created to run non-JavaScript code in the web browser, provides near-native speed, fast startup time, portability, and sandboxed execution, Fermyon noted.

The goal of Spin is make it easy to turn code into a WebAssembly application. Spin supports languages including Rust, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Go, and C#, and offers a CLI for building distributed applications. The spin new command is used to create a new application based on starter templates, spin build compiles applications to WebAssembly, and spin up runs the application locally. 

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