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Sopra Steria uses Google Cloud, Cisco, and ACTIVEO to power new generation of Virtual Agents

With people expecting to access products and services through easy, always-on experiences delivered across channels, transforming approaches to digital services is a must for every business. As a result, business leaders have to strive to provide employees with these same frictionless experiences. 

Sopra Steria is a European leader in consulting, digital services and software development, with 46,000 employees in 25 countries that generated revenue of €4.3 billion in 2020. It provides end-to-end solutions that help customers drive their digital transformation to obtain tangible and sustainable benefits, by combining in-depth knowledge of a wide range of business sectors and innovative technologies.

To accomplish its goals, Sopra Steria planned to use conversational artificial intelligence as part of their strategy and began working closely with Google Cloud, Cisco, and Activeo. It believed that, by building out more advanced Virtual Agents for its customers to use to serve them, it could usher in a new era of frictionless experiences in the End-User support services.

“To address customer demands for office and business applications support services, we looked to integrate a new generation of virtual voice assistant into our platform,” says Xavier Leroux, CTO End User Services at Sopra Steria. “We did this using Google’s proven AI and integrated it with our Cisco Contact Center by Activeo.”

As many companies have learned, the need to provide customers with advanced experiences is directly attached to the services offered to their employees. By providing more contextual information and other forms of digital support to staff, those same team members will be better positioned to serve customers.

Solving a complex problem with ease

Sopra Steria sought to solve several challenges for its customers, enabling them to:

Provide all their employees with seamless, quick access to IT and business support,Offer 24/7 phone support capabilities for employees,Make services easily deployable, flexible, agile, and available in multiple languages,Reduce costs associated with delivering better support services.

Sopra Steria chose Google Cloud Contact Center AI (CCAI), built by Google Cloud and Cisco, as the best option to achieve its vision. Google Cloud CCAI is currently used in some of the world’s largest call centers, building on Google’s expertise in natural language processing.

Sopra Steria implemented CCAI as its new Virtual Assistant on phone channels managed by a Cisco telephony solution, and used Activeo for its integration and implementation support.

The new Virtual Assistant allows Sopra Steria clients to qualify employee requests and direct them to the right agent based on Natural Language Understanding while offering self-service options for basic requests such as password resets. These Virtual Assistants also fully automate complex incident tickets creation in synchronization within the IT service management system.

Google Cloud CCAI covers three main use cases:

Autonomously handles full-length conversations using natural language,Augments operator support through contextual assistance through a desktop application based on live conversation analysis,Semantic analysis of all audio and text conversations processed by customer service through Google Cloud machine learning.

Cisco provides native integration of CCAI within its Cisco Contact Center solution as a part of its global partnership with Google Cloud.

“The work we have done with Google Cloud has allowed Sopra Steria to create innovative and personalized conversational services to enhance both employee satisfaction and operator productivity without sacrificing security,” says Christian Laloy, EMEA Contact Center Sales Specialist at Cisco.

Unlocking new, more powerful contact center experiences

Since standing up the new CCAI solution, Sopra Steria has been able to enhance its service catalog through Virtual Assistants. The offering has generated immense interest among existing and new Sopra Steria clients because it can simultaneously reduce average waiting and handling and resolution times while dramatically decreasing service costs.

“The Virtual Assistant serves both the user and operator alike,” says Xavier Leroux. “The user gets a conversational experience like no other and a seamless journey to resolve their requests. With Google Cloud, Cisco and Activeo, we have increased operator efficiency, so they can focus more on adding value to every business interaction.”

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