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Solving authorization for software developers

I’ve spoken to hundreds of development teams, and most of them still build authorization by hand, ad-hoc, and without a plan. That’s natural—no one has yet developed a “Stripe” or “Twilio” for authorization that solves programmers’ problems.

Following payment processing (Stripe), communications (Twilio), and so many other programmers’ problems that have been carved off and simplified by specialized libraries or services, I believe that authorization, the mechanism for controlling who can do what in a system, will be the next software layer to be unbundled.

And in this post I’m going to tell you why.

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The great unbundling

When you build an app, you usually have one specific problem you’re trying to solve. It’s essential to be able to avoid thinking about anything that isn’t core to that problem. Thankfully, we can reach for an existing solution for anything we don’t want to think about at that moment.

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