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SoFi Stadium powers the return of live entertainment with Google Cloud

Editor’s note: Engineers from SoFi Stadium, Google Cloud, and Deloitte built a fan-ready Personal Concierge app that uses advanced analytics to tailor game-day experiences for every visitor. SoFi’s 10-year partnership with Google Cloud not only pumps up the fans. Advanced analytics also enable stadium employees to securely store, analyze, and action analytics data, and seamlessly collaborate through tools and services included in Google Cloud Workspace.

SoFi Stadium, an industry-leading, outdoor-indoor events facility and home of the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers, is the centerpiece of Hollywood Park, a near 300-acre sports and entertainment destination. With the capacity to host up to 100,000 spectators across a range of luxury and premium seating options, the 3.1 million square-foot SoFi Stadium is the largest in the NFL. Completed in September 2020, it has already secured a global reputation—scheduled to host Super Bowl LVI in 2022, the College Football National Championship Game in 2023, and the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Olympic Games in 2028. Under the same roof canopy as the stadium is the 2.5-acre American Airlines Plaza and the 6,000-seat performance venue, YouTube Theater. 

Through a long-term partnership with Google Cloud, SoFi Stadium is personalizing fan experiences, enabling a more fulfilling, collaborative, and productive work experience for employees, and delivering game-changing technology to the event space.

Personalizing the experience for every fan 

Sports fans are known for their fierce loyalty and camaraderie. While they come to game day ready to cheer with fellow fans, each spectator has a different vision for what will make for a memorable event. SoFi Stadium is helping customers choose their game day flow by extending a personalized, streamlined experience to every stadium goer through several new digital innovations powered by Google Cloud.

First there’s the Personal Concierge App. Powered by Google Cloud and built by Deloitte, this personalized navigation and security tool may be the game day MVP that sports fans have always dreamed of. Hours of precious viewing time can be lost navigating a stadium campus for seating, parking, food, access, and amenities. This application enables fans to quickly locate available parking locations, select the ideal transportation for game day through real-time Google Maps routing, and discover SoFi Stadium events all from their mobile device. Event-goers can also receive digital credentials through the app, enabling them to bypass lines and accelerate their access to luxury viewing suites. 

The advanced data analytics accrued from multiple sources and processed through Google Cloud products such as Cloud Scheduler, App Engine, Dataflow, BigQuery, Looker, Firebase, and more, enable SoFi Stadium to anticipate spectator tastes. These Google Cloud tools can remember preferences and provide attendees with real-time personal recommendations around the clock. 

Performing at the top of their game with Workspace

Advanced data analytics enhance employee experiences, too. Credentialed team members can securely store and analyze data from multiple sources, create operational dashboards with real-time data, track key performance indicators after events, and better forecast attendance, revenue by product, and other important business metrics.

In addition to deploying a number of Google Cloud solutions including Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine, Cloud CDN, BigQuery, and others to power the Personal Concierge App, SoFi Stadium is empowering its employees by fully migrating to Google Cloud’s Workspace. Workspace streamlines the stadium’s business operations by fostering fast and seamless access to collaboration and performance tools. Built-in software—including Gmail for business, Docs, Drive, Calendar, and Meet—will help employees work smarter and meet securely from anywhere. 

“We couldn’t have picked a better partner to help manage our technology needs,” said Skarpi Hedinsson, Chief Technology Officer, SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park. “Incorporating Google’s solutions into critical areas of our business ensures we can usher in a new era of innovation in sports and entertainment, raising the bar on what the ultimate fan experience looks like globally.”

Making the big-game even bigger

As Hollywood Park combines the expertise of its team and Google Cloud engineers to power the future of sports and live events, SoFi Stadium prepares to welcome a product of this collaboration with the Infinity Screen by Samsung, the largest video board in sports. With 80 million pixels, weighing 2.2 million pounds, and boasting 120-yards in length, the Infinity Screen by Samsung leverages Google Cloud-based media workflows and optimization technology to power its game-changing screen. 

Through its partnership with Google Cloud, SoFi Stadium is actively developing new media streaming and high-speed wireless solutions. In addition, SoFi Stadium has the world’s first 4K/HDR live production facility. These digital innovations are powering a new standard for sports fans and opening a path to redefine what can take game day from good to great.

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