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Securing the human voice at scale: Pindrop partners with Google Cloud

If you’ve ever used only your voice to authenticate a payment, place an order, or check an account over the phone, there is a good chance that Pindrop’s technology made it possible.

Founded in Atlanta in 2011, Pindrop provides software and technology that uses machine learning, voice recognition, and behavioral analytics to help detect and prevent fraud in voice channels like AI-powered call centers and solve the long standing identity problem commonly encountered in customer care and contact center experiences. Demand for Pindrop’s technology has grown considerably over the past decade, as more organizations and people adopt voice as an interface for customer service, transactions, entertainment and more. As that demand has grown, safeguarding these voice interactions from fraud or authentication loops continues to be a unique challenge.

Now, with frictionless voice-driven customer experiences at an all-time high, cybersecurity is more critical than ever. In fact, research shows that fraudsters are able to accurately answer knowledge-based authentication questions 92% of the time, as opposed to only 46% for actual customers. To address this, Pindrop is bringing its products and technology to Google Cloud in order to scale and develop new capabilities that will help enable the next wave of voice-first interfaces and call centers.

The new partnership will enable Pindrop’s teams to accelerate their development of new capabilities to address an ever-shifting landscape – like detecting deep fakes and robocalls,  helping banks authenticate transactions, providing retailers with AI-powered call center support, and helping IoT makers optimize for security, speed and simplicity.

More specifically, the partnership will help Pindrop scale its own businesses, and meet ever-growing customer needs in several ways.

First, Pindrop is bringing its SaaS platform to Google Cloud, enabling customers to deploy it at global scale, on secure, sustainable, and highly performant cloud infrastructure. Not only does this give Pindrop the ability to deliver secure voice interactions with low-latency, it also aligns with its mission to enable customer choice when selecting and implementing security technology. And for customers already operating on Google Cloud, getting started with Pindrop can be done directly within their cloud environment, now that the company is making its solutions available on Google Cloud Marketplace.

Second, Pindrop plans to offer its voice secure technology with Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI (CCAI) capabilities to develop new solutions that will enhance call center experiences. CCAI capabilities in understanding, augmenting, and ML-processing conversations allows companies to deliver interactions that are helpful and keep costs low. These capabilities alongside Pindrop’s authentication and anti-fraud solutions will enable the company with the tools and technologies needed to create the next evolution of frictionless experiences in a secure way. 

Finally, building on top of Google Cloud will equip Pindrop with multicloud capabilities that will offer new channels to increase revenues through. Using technologies like Google Kubernetes Engine, frequently chosen by startups and tech companies,  to quickly launch and scale new ML applications up or down will also support Pindrop’s growth as it adds to its suite of technologies.

Supporting innovative startups and digital native businesses like Pindrop is in Google’s DNA, and we’re delighted to support Pindrops’ growth, and the success of their customers, with Google Cloud infrastructure, Contact Center AI, and go to market expertise. 

You can learn more about Pindrop on Google Cloud here, and Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI solution here.

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