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Secure your life sciences data from the ground up

With the rapid growth in the quantity of healthcare data available, organizations are able to unlock deeper insights, advance innovation, and increase experimentation. The sector is now in a position to take advantage of cloud technology to accelerate clinical trials, expand research and development, and optimize supply chains. However, more sensitive patient data comes with the challenge of keeping it private and secure.

The rising pressure on life sciences security

While most healthcare organizations recognize the importance of securing patient information, many struggle to maintain modern, secure infrastructure that stays ahead of emerging threats. This has led to healthcare becoming the most targeted industry for cyberattacks. Cyberattacks and data breaches are rising, and these attempts are pushing security and privacy programs to scale rapidly and innovate constantly to stay ahead of threats. 

On top of this, the FDA and other regulatory agencies have acknowledged the relationship between security and patient safety – and are driving even more stringent requirements for both into areas such as medical device cybersecurity. Bringing medical devices to market is incredibly data-intensive, and proving the effectiveness of a treatment in clinical trials generates a great deal of sensitive information. Anything that threatens the security, privacy integrity  of data can make or break a study – or delay a therapy getting to patients quickly. It’s imperative to secure these data sets from internal and external breaches.

Innovate securely with Google Cloud

Protecting your data is our top priority. With built-in security from the ground up,  Google Cloud delivers a platform that is secure by design and secure by default. For example, every storage service at Google implements data protection controls, including encryption by default, to help keep information safe and secure without unnecessary toil.

Our strategy to protect Google has two complementary goals: trust nothing and detect everything. These two ideas originated from and have been refined over a decade of defending our business against some of the most advanced adversaries in the world. We’ve worked to productize the tools and capabilities Google uses to protect its infrastructure so that organizations can implement a similar approach in their own environments and benefit from our visibility and intelligence.

We also work with industry partners, such as USDM Life Sciences, to help you sustainably satisfy, scale, and accelerate your compliance and due diligence requirements.

Help stay one step ahead of emerging security threats and protect your life sciences organization with Google Cloud. Learn more in our latest Trust Update.

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