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Save time deploying web applications using MongoDB and Cloud Run

Today we’re announcing a collaboration with MongoDB to simplify use of our combined products.

As a software developer, you want the freedom to combine the technologies you already know and love. This freedom helps enhance productivity and ROI because you can leverage the right technology combinations suitable to your use case and that best fit your team’s current knowledge and practices. 

For example, web developers often combine a front-end web framework with a back-end server and a database. These combinations, commonly referred to as a tech stack, include older examples like LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) and more recent NoSQL oriented ones like MEAN, MERN, and FARM (these being various combinations of MongoDB, Express, Angular / React / FastAPI, and NodeJS). 

Simplifying stack-oriented deployments that use 3rd party products

A challenge with combining technologies is to find a cloud provider that supports the end-to-end deployment journey in a simple, fully automated way even when some selected technologies are not the cloud provider’s own. While MongoDB is by far the most popular NoSQL database, the leading cloud vendors either provide alternative managed NoSQL offerings, or they provide MongoDB Atlas via a third party marketplace. This can lead your team to either 1) learn how to use the alternative and proprietary NoSQL product and accept vendor lock-in, or, 2) self-deploy MongoDB through a secondary workflow, either via MongoDB Atlas or by deploying the open source MongoDB solution and assuming the operational burden yourself. Either way, getting the parts to work together can take away precious application development time.

Today we’re announcing a collaboration with MongoDB to help simplify the co-deployment of our combined products onto Google Cloud, starting with the MEAN stack. Via this collaboration, we now offer simplified automated deployment, leveraging open source Hashicorp Terraform scripts provided by Google, to automatically deploy a preconfigured Cloud Run container and managed MongoDB Atlas database instance. This approach helps minimize steps, reduce context switching between different deployment GUIs and tools, and provide a modern and preferred developer option for MEAN and MERN based web applications. This marks the beginning of a series of Terraform-based deployment offerings to cover various other popular technology stack combinations. 

How this benefits you, the web application developer

Our goal is to help accelerate your software development by letting you choose known technology combinations without having to put the pieces together yourself. This collaboration also reiterates our embrace of winning open-source offerings like Hashicorp’s Terraform and MongoDB as first-party like citizens on our platform. This helps you avoid proprietary alternatives and vendor lock-in, self-managing a combination of first and third party software solutions yourself, and generally helps save you time and effort.

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