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SAP Build Process Automation is better with Google Document AI and Google Workspace

SAP Build Process Automation is designed to optimize business processes and boost efficiency. The platform helps both business users and developers alike digitize core  workflows and incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into time consuming and error-prone manual tasks.

All digital paths can benefit from automation. The pandemic, supply chain shortages, and other disruptive events have upped the pressure on businesses and their workers to perform in more efficient and flexible ways. 

Google Cloud and SAP have responded by providing an integrated toolbox that can fundamentally change the way businesses operate — all while creating value for their customers. 

With a focus on taking process automation to an even more advanced level and removing inefficiencies from workflows, SAP has introduced integrations with Google Cloud Document AI, and Google Workspace for SAP Build Process Automation customers. This integration can reduce or eliminate many repetitive and error-prone tasks, so that companies can help save money, operate more productively, and scale more easily.

AI unleashes innovation

Continuous advances in digital systems and advanced technology introduce new opportunities to rethink workflows. SAP recognizes the role that AI-powered automation can play in transforming workflows, and that the benefits of doing so extend beyond basic time savings and cost cutting. By plugging Google Cloud Document AI into the application, SAP Build Process Automation’s low-code, no-code platform enables SAP to help its customers in lines of business and IT integrate multiple applications while democratizing access to governed machine learning technology.

Machine learning and process automation can drive efficiency with SAP S/4HANA

Customers using SAP S/4HANA can build workflow improvements into all major core processes, such as order entry, invoice creation, asset posting, and many others, helping them to be faster and more efficient in the process. Google Cloud Document AI extracts key elements — including addresses, article numbers, price, quantity, and more — within emails, PDFs, handwritten notes, and other formats.

Integrated automation can drive results for invoice and purchase order processing

An example of the improvements these integrations have made to SAP Build Process Automation is the use of AI, productivity tools, and automation for processing purchase orders. In the past, workers had to manually select relevant orders in their Gmail accounts and extract key data from large PDF files, including the order date, supplier details, article numbers, quantity, unit price, and the total amount. Then, workers would have to enter all of the individual line items one by one into the SAP S/4HANA system.

Today, through SAP’s integrated automation platform, customers can automatically extract and organize data by Google Workspace (Google Sheets, Google Drive, and Gmail) and Document AI. This works by extracting data contained in Gmail attachments, downloading it into Google Drive and extracting fields using Document AI’s pretrained models. The tool then enters the consolidated order information from Google Sheets into SAP S/4HANA. For example, the Canton of Zurich in Switzerland experienced a significant reduction of workload to process compensation forms once the organization implemented this automation. Furthermore, implementing the automation can avoid audit and compliance issues, and improve data quality.

The screenshot below shows how a workflow operates within the SAP Build Process Automation software.

Sales, procurement, finance, and other functions are also able to handle more strategic work that delivers greater value to customers with these SAP and Google Cloud integrations. They’ve also boosted both security and regulatory compliance for customers, including those in the financial services space.

For example, the Google Cloud Document AI technology can process thousands of supply chain invoices, validates and systematically approves them. And, over time, the machine learning and AI components improve the analysis process and ensure that data processed with SAP Build Process Automation is adhering to a company’s best practices and essential regulatory requirements.

SAP and Google Cloud put automation to work

Achieving the most accurate, efficient business processes is possible with an automation framework that embeds collaboration and productivity applications while giving lines of business and IT users access to machine learning technology. SAP Build Process Automation combined with Google Cloud Document AI, and Google Workspace has proven to be a catalyst in driving innovation and business transformation for customers across multiple industries, leading to an average of 22% to 30% faster time to market, and significant financial gains, including up to 20% accounts payable savings potential. An example of these improvements includes those experienced by TasNetworks, which had a 25% reduction in back-office processing efforts after implementing these technologies.

To learn more about how Google Cloud and SAP are building solutions for accelerating business value, visit You can find more information about SAP Build Process Automation at

To start your transformation journey today, choose the SAP Business Technology Platform region that’s best for you. We’re also happy to announce that Google Cloud offers the first and only option to run BTP in the cloud in India — learn more here: Google Cloud’s newest SAP Business Technology Platform Region.

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