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Ready to solve for the future? Data Cloud Summit ’22 is coming April 6

At Google Cloud, we’ve helped tens of thousands of companies build data clouds that leverage the full power of data, from databases and analytics that support decision making, to AI and ML that predict and automate the future. Organizations across all industries have gravitated to Google’s tools for building data clouds because of our proven speed, scale and security, as well as our long-standing leadership in AI. If anyone has seen firsthand how data can modernize businesses and revolutionize industries, it’s our customers and partners. And next month, so can you. Get the perspective and insight you need to turn your own organization into a data powerhouse at Data Cloud Summit 2022.

Join us on April 6 to hear from the technology leaders and data professionals who have used modern data cloud systems to create change, solve problems, and build better businesses. You’ll hear from a slew of speakers that will show how AI, machine learning, analytics and databases can create the foundation to tackle your own challenges. Learn how to manage the entire lifecycle of data within your organization to build better products, serve your customers more effectively, make better decisions, and keep your data secure.

You’ll be joined by customers that have transformed their organizations, including Wayfair, Paypal, Walmart, Vodafone, and Exabeam, as well as leaders and builders from Google Cloud who will speak to the most exciting things on the roadmap. 

Gerrit Kazmaier, and Anita Kibunguchy-Grant will deliver the keynote session on how leading organizations are unlocking new potential across a vast array of data and AI use cases. There will also be plenty of big product news to break in the keynote, and the session will be followed by a live Q&A.

Sudhir Hasbe will discuss updates to our product roadmap for data analytics, and will talk with Sanjay Chaudhary, VP of Product Management at Exabeam, about how you can accelerate your own data cloud journey. 

Andi Gutmans will discuss recent innovations in Google Cloud databases and where we’re headed, and will talk about how to build radically transformative applications by enabling a modern database strategy with Bala Natarajan, Sr. Director of Data Infrastructure and Cloud Engineering at PayPal. 

Olivia Burgess and Henry Tappen will also speak with Travis Drucker, Senior IT Service Owner at Mayo Clinic, and Dale Magnuson, IT Section Head at Mayo Clinic, about how enterprises can use Vertex AI to generate accurate and real-time business insights within one user interface.

There’s also plenty of opportunity for hands-on learning. Maire Newton and Vidya Shanmugam will conduct a demo showing how to break down data silos using BigQuery Omni and Looker to securely and cost effectively analyze and visualize data across clouds. And Leigha Jarett and Gabe Weiss will deliver a demo on how to use our data cloud technologies to build an application that delivers great customer experiences, while keeping it easy, open and integrated for developers.

Join us, and you’ll hear first-hand customer testimonies of digital transformations involving partners such as, Databricks, Deloitte, Elastic and MongoDB. You’ll also be one of the first to learn what’s new for products like BigQuery, Data Studio, Looker, Cloud Spanner, Cloud SQL, and Vertex AI.

We can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on. Save your spot today by registering on the Data Cloud Summit homepage.

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