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Public Sector Guide to jumpstart your secure gen AI journey

The impact of generative AI for the public sector can be groundbreaking. Generative AI empowers agencies with an always-on AI collaborator, helping workers be more collaborative, creative, and productive. In practice, this could mean generative AI serves as a brainstorming assistant to draft and iterate content or drive conversational, real-time interactions with constituents on agency websites.

AI is accelerating mission outcomes and shaping the future of how the government works. According to a study by KPMG, 77% of government decision-makers would like their organizations to adopt AI more aggressively and feel their employees are prepared to do so. Just last month, the federal government documented over 700 AI use cases spanning healthcare, transportation, environment, and benefits delivery.

To jumpstart your secure gen AI journey, we developed the Public Sector Guide to Getting Started with Gen AI. This downloadable eBook provides agency leaders with a step-by-step guide to getting started on their AI journeys, with recommended best practices from Google Cloud’s AI experts and customers. The guide recommends how to launch your first use case in 30 days and how to set the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure progress. Importantly, this eBook also explores how to establish an AI governance process to ensure you comply with responsible practices, and offers resources for every step along the way.

Gen AI delivers a new way of working and serving the public

Every day, government organizations spend time and energy digging for information to make decisions, serve constituents, and move the mission forward. Informed decisions require information, and collecting the right inputs can take time.

This guide demonstrates the potential value of gen AI across government, health and human services, labor, transportation, and education – with suggested use cases and customer examples. By the end of the book, you’ll have insights to help your organization get started with a successful and responsible implementation of AI.

Here are a few real-world customer examples:

The State of Minnesota and the City of Dearborn, Michigan implemented AI-based contact centers to provide government services to their constituents in multiple languages, 24/7.The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development deployed Google Cloud AI and ML to help clear its unemployment application backlog.They were able to process an average of 157,000 claims each week, releasing most payments to constituents within two to three business days.The City of Memphis, Tennessee analyzed high-resolution video footage with AI to identify and fix potholes in local streets and determine areas of urban blight.Nerdy Inc’s Varsity Tutor platform used AI to match students to tutors, factoring in over 100 variables affecting academic, social, and motivational outcomes. Tutors on the platform also use AI-driven adaptive assessments to quickly understand a student’s grasp of a subject, identifying strengths and opportunities for growth across 200 subjects and 4,000 skills.

Advancing toward the future, one step at a time

When a new technology moves as fast as gen AI does, it can be hard to keep up. As a strategic partner to our customers, Google Cloud helps public sector leaders chart their path forward with the appropriate frameworks, tools, and governance structures — and instill a responsible approach to AI across your organization. Google leads the way in AI with capabilities that are easy and scalable for everyone.

Learn how gen AI can improve the future of citizen engagement and services by downloading the new 10 step guide.

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