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Postgres everywhere

SQLite is the world’s most widely-deployed database engine. It’s in your phone, it’s in your browser, and if you search your computer you’ll find its .db files there too. SQLite was inspired by Postgres. Its author Richard Hipp has called SQLite a “conceptual fork” of Postgres. There’s no shared code, but Postgres was the north star to which he aligned SQLite. The two are complementary, he said, in the following ways.

Enterprise data depot
Application file format
Scale up
Scale down

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Nowadays those distinctions have begun to blur. For example, SQLite is considered to be an embedded database. But Postgres is becoming one too. For example, we say that Steampipe embeds Postgres. That’s not technically true. You can’t link Postgres into a binary application, but you can (as Steampipe does) deliver a binary that installs, runs, and cooperates with Postgres. Or consider Yugabyte, which bolts the Postgres query layer onto a distributed storage layer. Not technically an embedding of Postgres, perhaps, but arguably the moral equivalent.

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