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Personalized Service Health now in the Google Cloud mobile app

To simplify incident management for businesses, in August 2023 we introduced Personalized Service Health to provide fast, transparent, relevant, and actionable communication about Google Cloud service disruptions.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Personalized Service Health is available in the Google Cloud mobile app as well, making it easier for businesses to stay informed, from anywhere at any time, about incidents that impact their services. This is a new addition to existing Google Cloud mobile app troubleshooting features like metrics and log based alerts, log viewer, incident management and cloud resources management.

The Google Cloud mobile app now displays incident data that is personalized to your cloud service subscriptions, allowing you to quickly identify and mitigate issues that are affecting your applications, seamlessly, wherever you may be.

Critical incident information at-a-glance

The mobile app experience is designed for on-the-go needs, surfacing only the most important information about active and recently closed incidents.

You can now view active and recently closed incidents

relevant to your projects (test data)

As with other distribution channels in Personalized Service Health, notifications are triggered based on the creation of alert policies. By defining criteria in Personalized Service Health for notifying the user, those criteria apply to any distribution channel chosen, such as email, mobile app, SMS, webhook, pub/sub, or other channels.

The Google Cloud mobile app lets you view incident details for both active and recently closed incidents. The experience is designed for mobile devices, surfacing only the most important information — which product, location(s), and projects are impacted, and what is known about workarounds or expected duration. Personalized Service Health’s web UI and the APIs may provide additional information, such as a longer incident history, while other surfaces may have more comprehensive information for use in service management analysis.

Google Cloud incident notification thresholds

Google Cloud has thresholds for posting incidents via Personalized Service Health. This is to prevent over-communication of minor incidents that have little to no impact on your business operations. Incidents have to reach a certain scope and severity threshold before they are shared via Personalized Service Health. For example, Google engineers will analyze a temporary slowdown of a service to prevent recurrence, but absent significant impact, Personalized Service Health may well not notify you of it.

An active incident begins with an alert and an engineer being paged. And as it progresses, Google engineers learn more about it until ultimately, they learn the cause of the incident and how each system involved is affected. Personalized Service Health is designed to provide pertinent updates to each active incident as we learn more, such as discovering workarounds or estimating the time it will take to resolve the incident. These updates are disseminated through all Personalized Service Health notification channels, including the Google Cloud mobile app.

You can now view personalized incident details
directly within the Google Cloud mobile app

Stay informed with the latest application release

To get started with Personalized Service Health, please see the linked information page and enable Personalized Service Health. To begin receiving notifications in the Google Cloud mobile app, set up an alerting policy in Personalized Service Health and configure the mobile app distribution channel in Personalized Service Health.

The mobile app experience will evolve through frequent releases as we build more sophisticated solutions for keeping you informed. For that reason, we strongly advise users to ensure they always install the latest update of the Google Cloud mobile app. This new feature is available today. If you have any feedback, we would love to hear from you — just click the “Send feedback” button in the app. And if you don’t have the app, go ahead and download the app today from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

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