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Palantir and Google Cloud partner to power data-driven transformations in commercial industries

Enterprises of all shapes and sizes have growing amounts of data available to them, and being able to leverage that data easily and quickly for data-driven operations is increasingly critical to staying competitive. However, integrating, shaping, and analyzing data can be extremely time intensive.

To help businesses accelerate their operational analytics journeys, Palantir, a leader in operational decision-making software, and Google Cloud, today announced a multi-year partnership to support digital transformations in key commercial industries, including retail, financial services, and supply chain and logistics. Palantir Technologies is making Foundry, its fully managed SaaS platform, available on Google Cloud and Google Cloud Marketplace, helping customers synthesize their data and address difficult operational problems head-on.

When businesses deploy the Foundry platform on Google Cloud, they gain new data integration, management, and business intelligence capabilities, combined with the ease of running the Foundry platform on Google Cloud’s global, scalable, and trusted infrastructure. Customers will also be able to leverage Foundry’s capabilities with Google Cloud Cortex Framework, making data-powered innovation scalable and repeatable. 

The new partnership builds on Google Cloud’s ongoing support of open, multicloud, and hybrid cloud strategies, enabling customers to freely choose best-of-breed providers that meet their unique needs.

World-class software, AI, and data analytics available to commercial industries

Today’s business transformations are increasingly powered by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data analytics. However, not every enterprise has dedicated resources or expertise in these cutting-edge fields. Palantir Foundry on Google Cloud transforms this effort by helping businesses systematically prepare their data, almost instantly build 360-degree views of key business objects, and leverage business applications that drive effective decision-making. 

A retailer, for example, will be able to implement Palantir Foundry’s inventory management workflows alongside Google Cloud’s Recommendations AI forecasting capabilities to better predict when popular items will go out of stock, and adapt to supply chain disruptions. And by bringing together data on sales, inventory, and promotions with Foundry on Google Cloud, grocers can reduce food waste, which is a major contributor to profit loss during everyday business operations.

Banks, too, can use Foundry and Google Cloud together to better detect fraud and money laundering activities by bringing together transaction data, online activity, and fraud alert data in the Foundry platform, and then using Google Cloud’s AI tools to analyze and search for anti-money laundering patterns in the data.

Additional integrations with BigQuery and Cortex

As part of this partnership, commercial customers will also be able to leverage Google’s data cloud alongside Palantir Foundry to get more value out of data stored on all kinds of platforms. 

Integrations between Foundry and Google Cloud’s data warehouse technology, BigQuery, can empower enterprises with a single source of truth, alongside their operational tools, for data-driven decision making. Businesses that use Foundry can bring together BigQuery data with a variety of other data sources that may live on-premises, in other clouds or across different platforms. Commercial customers can also write this data back to Foundry, BigQuery, or the data source, securing ownership of their data and control of security and governance.

In addition, Palantir Foundry’s HyperAuto capabilities for SAP integrate to Google Cloud Cortex Foundation with native BigQuery connectors. This integration will enable customers to bring their SAP data into the Cortex Framework for data analysis and management on Google Cloud.

Palantir on Google Cloud is generally available today and can be deployed via the Google Cloud Marketplace.

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