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Over 700 tech companies power their applications using Google’s data cloud

Today, a typical enterprise uses over 100 SaaS applications while large organizations  commonly use over 400 apps. These applications contain valuable data on customers, suppliers, employees, products and more, offering the potential for valuable insights and powerful workflows. However, in the past, this data has often remained siloed and underutilized, even within an application. 

Customer demand is driving an unprecedented wave of innovation across the SaaS industry, with providers building intelligence into their applications through rich analytical and AI/ML capabilities, and enabling their customers’ data ecosystems through real time data sharing. The data cloud platform powering these applications is a critical factor in companies’ ability to innovate and optimize efficiency, while keeping its customer’s data secure. 

Today, over 700 tech companies including Zoominfo, Equifax, Exabeam, Bloomreach, and Quantum Metric power their products and businesses using Google’s data cloud. This week at the Data Cloud Summit, we announced the Built with BigQuery initiative which helps ISVs get started building applications using data and machine learning products. By providing dedicated access to technology, expertise and go to market programs, this initiative allows tech companies to accelerate, optimize and amplify their success.

“Enabling customers to gain superior insights and intelligence from data is core to the ZoomInfo strategy,” ZoomInfo CEO Henry Schuck says. “We are excited about the innovation Google Cloud is bringing to market and how it is creating a differentiated ecosystem that allows customers to gain insights from their data securely, at scale, and without having to move data around. Working with the Built with BigQuery initiative team enables us to rapidly gain deep insight into the opportunities available and accelerate our speed to market.”

Building intelligent SaaS applications with a unified data platform

Google’s data cloud provides a complete platform for building data-driven applications, from simplified data ingestion, processing and storage to powerful analytics, AI/ML and data sharing capabilities, all seamlessly integrated with Google Cloud’s open, secure, sustainable platform. With a huge partner ecosystem and support for multicloud, open source tools and APIs, we provide technology companies the portability and extensibility they need to avoid data lock-in. 

Through the Built with BigQuery initiative, we are helping tech companies to build the next-gen SaaS applications on Google’s data cloud with simplified access to technology, dedicated engineering support and joint go to market programs.

Exabeam, a next generation cybersecurity solution, is a great example. The company leverages Google’s data cloud to provide their customers with a “limitless-scale” cybersecurity solution.

“Built with Google’s data cloud, Exabeam’s limitless-scale cybersecurity platform helps enterprises respond to security threats faster and more accurately” said Sanjay Chaudhary, VP of Products at Exabeam. “We are able to ingest data from over 500 security vendors, convert unstructured data into security events, and create a common platform to store them in a cost effective way. The scale and power of Google’s data cloud enables our customers to search multi-year data and detect threats in seconds.” 

Foster innovation and unlock new business models through data sharing

Data becomes even more valuable when shared. According to research, the global data monetization market size is growing at a CAGR of 47.9% and is projected to reach $11.7 Billion by 2026. It’s a compelling proposition for SaaS companies as it enables them to deliver increased value for their customers while expanding their own partner ecosystem, increasing stickiness and unlocking new revenue streams. 

Google Cloud’s strategy for data sharing encompasses three key areas: secure data sharing in BigQuery, the ability to create private and public exchanges alongside commercial and public datasets in Analytics Hub, and a robust ecosystem of premier partner and Google data. 

Through the real-time data sharing capabilities of BigQuery, SaaS companies are enabling their customers to combine their data with the customer’s own proprietary data, and other third-party data sources, to derive 360-degree insights. Over 4,500 organizations share more than 250 Petabytes of data weekly in BigQuery, not accounting for intra-organizational data sharing*.

For example, manufacturers can get real-time visibility into their entire supply chain by combining datasets from ISVs, such as supply chain innovator, Blume Global, and data publishers.

“Our partnership with Google Cloud is helping us achieve our mission to build the next-generation supply chain operating system. Blume Maps, our digital twin of the supply chain world built with Google’s data cloud, allows our customers to generate accurate lead times, real-time shipment location and ETAs” said Blume Global CEO Pervinder Johar. “We apply the power of Google Cloud’s data and analytics capabilities to our growing database of over 1.5 million global data points to feed our lead time and dynamic ETA engine. We are also able to create data twins of unique logistics data and share with users around the globe.”

Google Cloud’s Analytics Hub is a fully-managed service built on BigQuery that allows organizations to efficiently and securely exchange valuable data and analytics assets across any organizational boundary.  With unique datasets that are always-synchronized and bi-directional sharing, you can create a rich and trusted data ecosystem between business units or partnerships–one in which everyone gains value immediately.

“As external data becomes more critical to organizations across industries, the need for a unified experience between data integration and analytics has never been more important. We are proud to be working with Google Cloud to power the launch of Analytics Hub, feeding hundreds of pre-engineered data pipelines from hundreds of external datasets,” said Dan Lynn, SVP Product at Crux. “The sharing capabilities that Analytics Hub delivers will significantly enhance the data mobility requirements of practitioners, and the Crux data integration platform stands ready to quickly integrate any external data source and deliver on behalf of Google Cloud and its clients.”

Innovate, optimize and amplify with Google Cloud

The Built with BigQuery initiative provides access to technology, expertise and go-to-market:. 

Access to Technology: Get started fast with a Google-funded, pre-configured sandbox. Access Cloud Credits to fund your, and your customer’s, POCs and apply for innovative pricing models designed for ISVs. 

Access to Expertise: Accelerate and optimize product design and architecture with access to designated experts in building data-driven SaaS applications from the ISV Center of Excellence, providing insight into key use cases, architectural patterns and best practices. Access experts from across Google to enable co-innovation with products such as Earth Engine and Google Marketing Platform.

Access to Go-to-market: Amplify your success with joint marketing programs to drive awareness, generate demand and increase adoption.

Get Started

Start building your applications on Google Cloud with $300 in free credits or apply for the Built with BigQuery initiative. 

*As of November, 2021, within a typical 7 day period in BigQuery, and not accounting for intra-organizational data sharing.

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