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Optimize and scale your startup – A look into the Build Series

At Google Cloud, we want to provide you with the access to all the tools you need to grow your business. Through the Google Cloud Technical Guides for Startups, leverage industry leading solutions with how-to video guides andresourcescurated for startups. 

This multi-series contains 3 chapters: Start, Build and Grow, which matches your startup’s  journey:

The Start Series: Begin by building, deploying and managing new applications on Google Cloud from start to finish.

The Build Series: Optimize and scale existing deployments to reach your target audiences.

The Grow Series: Grow and attain scale with deployments on Google Cloud.

Additionally, at Google we have the Google for Startups Cloud Program, which is designed to help your business get off the ground and enable a sustainable growth plan for the future. The start of the Build Series delineates the benefits of the program, the application process, and more to help your business get started on Google Cloud.

A quick recap of the Build Series

Once you have applied for the Google for Startups Cloud Program, there’s so much to explore and try out on Google Cloud. 

Figuring out a rapid but solid application development process can be key to many businesses in reducing time to market. Furthermore, learning what database to use to handle application data can be tricky. Deep dive into our Firestorevideo which walks through how Firestore can help you unlock application innovation with simplicity and speed.

We then move on to a deep dive intoBigQuery and how it can help businesses. BigQuery is designed to support analysis over petabytes of data regardless of whether it’s structured or unstructured. This video is the goto video for getting started on BigQuery!

If you are someone looking to run your Spark and Hadoop jobs faster and on the cloud, look to Dataproc. To learn more about Dataproc and how this has helped other customers with their Hadoop clusters, click the video below to learn all things Dataproc related.

Next, we find out what Dataflow can bring to your business; some advantages, sample architectures, demos on the console, and how other customers are using Dataflow. 

We also talked about Machine Learning, starting from selecting the right ML solution to Machine Learning APIs on cloud to exploring Vertex AI. Following that we look into API management in Google Cloud and how Apigee helps operate your APIs with enhanced scale, security, and automation.

We ended the series with the last two episodes focusing around security deep-dive and using Cloud Tasks and Cloud Scheduler.

Coming up next – The Grow Series

Dive into the next chapter of this multi-series, with our upcoming Grow Series, where we will be focusing on growing and attaining scale with deployments on Google Cloud.

Check out our website and join us by checking out the video series on the Google Cloud Tech channel, and subscribe to stay up to date. 

See you in the cloud!

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