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New to Google Cloud? Start here!

We’re pleased to announce a new and simplified outline of how you can get started quickly with Google Cloud. The new Get Started page on outlines a clear path to help you to start using Google Cloud in three easy steps:

Sign up for a free trial

Get hands-on with an interactive quickstart tutorial

Walk through docs of common developer use cases

For new users of Google Cloud, it can be overwhelming to learn about all of our products and decide what is right for your needs. We designed this page to focus only on the steps to get set up, and links to essentials like Google Cloud for AWS and Azure users guide. If you need to set up Google Cloud for scalable, production-ready enterprise workloads, you can use our setup checklist to help you follow security best practices. Or if you’re a developer, trying to figure out what machine learning and AI offerings are available with Google Cloud, try out one of our quickstarts in a development environment in the Google Cloud Console in order to find the product that meets your needs. Trying to host static content, monitor your applications, or want to figure out the best way to secure access to your services? Take a look at common developer use cases.

But wait, there’s more! A new docs homepage

When you’re ready to learn how to build on Google Cloud, we have also launched an improved documentation homepage so that you can more easily find guides, code samples, tutorials, and API references. If you want to discover reference architectures, diagrams, design patterns, guidance, and best practices for migrating your workloads on Google Cloud, check out the Cloud Architecture Center.

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