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Navigating the cross-cloud network: 12 must-attend networking and network security sessions at Next ‘24

Next ’24 returns to Las Vegas, April 9 -11 and promises to be larger and offer an even greater level of technical depth than ever before. 

Whether you’re a network engineer, network security professional, infrastructure/platform engineer, you can expect to find in-depth network and network security design sessions from our architects and experts. 

If your role involves designing cross-cloud networks to secure distributed applications and users, implementing unified cybersecurity, or you just want to keep your tabs on the latest network connectivity and security trends such as networking for generative AI and network innovations for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Next ‘24 is the place for you. 

Here is a list of specially curated content for networking and network security professionals. Click on the links to add these sessions to your schedule.

Spotlight keynote

SPTL204: AI and modernization on your terms: From edge to sovereign to cross-cloud

Customers are turning to AI to power their infrastructure and application modernization. Join this spotlight keynote to see how leaders achieve real-world business outcomes faster and more cost-effectively in industries like retail, healthcare and highly regulated industries. See how Google Gemini is dramatically simplifying and reimaging the cloud as we know it.

Latest networking innovations and gen AI

ARC208: What’s New in Cloud Networking

With organizations developing distributed applications and adding in gen AI, designing networks to support these important initiatives has become increasingly complex. Join this architectural session to hear about the latest networking innovations, learn about design guidelines from proven production deployments, and how to simplify and build modern networks that deliver performance, security and operational efficiency.

ARC225: Transform your cloud operations and design capability with Duet AI for Google Cloud

Cloud infrastructure management demands constant attention to ensure high availability, efficiency, and security. Join this session to see new ways Duet AI for Google Cloud can help you automate and optimize your compute, storage, and networking.

Cross-cloud network architecture and design

ARC300: How to design a cloud network for apps and services in multi- or hybrid clouds

Distributed applications across clouds require better performing, highly reliable and secure networks to run efficiently. A cross-cloud network helps in building applications on-prem and across multiple clouds, simplifying the connections between any service and making them more secure. Get a deep dive into the network designs, watch a demo showing how existing and new products tie together, and hear from customers that have implemented cross-cloud networks for their organizations.

ARC309: How to deploy programmable global front ends for internet-facing apps and content

Delivering superior web experiences at scale for global users can be challenging. Learn to design and deploy the Google Cloud global frontend to protect, scale, and deliver superb web experiences, from infrastructure running on-cloud or on-prem. Get an overview of the global frontend with load balancing, CDN, and web protection including DDoS mitigation. Then move into programmability with service extension callouts. Get insights into continuous integration/development workflows, see how it all ties together over a demo, and learn from a customer about their use case and lessons learned.

ARC301: Designing cloud native user security in the Cross-cloud Network

With remote work becoming the norm, deploying secure networks on-demand to support the hybrid workforce requires well-conceived network designs and capacity planning. This session discusses how to secure user-to-application communications in a multi-cloud environment using Google’s Cross-Cloud Network to integrate third-party Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions. Learn how to optimize the performance, effectiveness, and operations of the Secure Service Edge (SSE) stack using Cross-Cloud Network.

ARC310: How to design a service-centric cross-cloud network

Most networking professionals are inundated with service tickets and developers have to wait for days or weeks to get their networks configured for their development projects. Service-centric networking empowers developers by delivering secure, seamless connectivity between workloads and services across hybrid and multicloud. Let us show you how with demos, use cases and case studies! Join us to simplify networking processes for distributed app development and jumpstart your dev teams!

Network security innovations

SEC203: What’s new in Cloud network security

Google Cloud provides a broad set of powerful, AI-powered embedded network security capabilities to help protect your cloud infrastructure from external and internal threats. In this session, we’ll highlight and demo the latest innovations in cloud network security covering network threat protection, network security posture controls, DDoS, web application protection, network privacy, and new mechanisms to integrate third-party network security services.

SEC302: Simplified Google Cloud network security: Zero-trust and beyond

Customers are looking for context-aware network security solutions to protect their cloud environment against cybercriminals. Join this session to learn how to proactively defend your organization’s cloud network with Google Cloud’s machine learning-powered zero-trust architecture. Learn how to neutralize unauthorized access, sensitive data loss, and other cloud attack vectors across public and hybrid cloud environments.

SEC301: Protect your workload with Google Cloud next generation firewall

Firewalls are essential for any network security architecture. As organizations embrace the cloud, they seek cloud-first firewall solutions that seamlessly adapt to their evolving workload protection requirements. Join this session to learn how to secure all network paths with advanced threat prevention, coupled with flexible and granular control to ensure a strong security posture in Google Cloud. Additionally, you’ll gain insights from shared customer experiences for safeguarding workloads with Cloud NGFW.

SEC219: Protect applications from the largest known distributed denial-of-service attacks

Internet-facing applications are vulnerable to DDoS attacks and web exploits. In this session you’ll learn how Uber protects their mission-critical workloads with the power of Google’s Cross-Cloud Network and Cloud Armor. We’ll also share how we protected against the world’s largest DDoS attack to date, and explain how to protect your workloads whether they reside on Google Cloud, on-premises, or anywhere else.

NetOps meet DevOps 

ARC301: How to deliver a large-scale Kubernetes network with Shopify

Retailers across the globe are delivering massive shopping experiences like Black Friday/CyberMonday. Learn from Shopify how they built their large-scale Kubernetes network to support 61 million shoppers and $9.3B in sales during Black Friday.

Learn how platform engineering can provide multi-tenant traffic management to optimize performance, route efficiently to reduce costs, and simplify network operations with GKE Enterprise and GKE Networking.

OPS217: Access traffic management for your fleet using Google Kubernetes Engine Enterprise

GKE Enterprise can empower the platform engineering team, allowing them to manage fleets of GKE clusters and teams so that they can provide clusters to developers who need them. In this session, learn how platform teams can provide a multi-tenant traffic-management infrastructure to optimize performance, route efficiently to reduce costs, and simplify operations. We’ll demonstrate how multi-cluster service and multi-cluster Gateway can be used to abstract the cloud infrastructure.

Dev231: Run anywhere, perform everywhere with Apigee and Cross-Cloud Interconnect

Customers want the best of cloud flexibility and core performance for their applications. 

Google Cloud’s Apigee API Management seamlessly connects your application to services across various cloud platforms, while Cross-Cloud Interconnect delivers a high-speed, secure connection for seamless data exchange so that customers can get the best of both worlds!

Showcase Theater

Everyone is excited to be back in person. Support your fellow customer speakers by stopping by the Showcase Theater at the Google Booth Theater.

SCT-MI2: How PayPal leverages Cross Cloud Network to deliver distributed applications

SCT-SEC1: How ‘Electronic Arts’ protects their Gaming Servers with Cloud Armor

SCT-SEC3: Deep dive into Cloud DNS for hybrid & cross-cloud network architectures with Spotify

SCT-INDMG2: Fighting Piracy with Globo: Protect Media Streams in Real Time with CDN

IHLT106: Defending your site against DDoS Attacks with Google Cloud Networking

Be sure to add these exciting sessions to your schedule. We’re looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!

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