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Move over 2022: Predictions from Google Cloud experts that will reshape IT

Here at Google Cloud, we love helping organizations imagine what is possible, work toward their biggest goals, and build the technology that brings this all together so they can convert opportunities into reality. To do this, we think it’s important to look towards the future so we can help developers and businesses learn, grow, and build the world’s most powerful systems and immersive experiences. 

During the Google Cloud Next developer keynote this year, 10 of our experts shared bold predictions about what to expect from IT by 2025. With 2022 winding down, we’re highlighting our cloud technology predictions one by one, to share where we’re headed and help you prepare for the year(s) ahead. 

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Thank you for continuing to inspire us!  We’re excited for what the future holds for our customers, partners, and developer communities, and look forward to building it together on Google Cloud. Check in on this post often, as we’ll be adding more predictions between now and the end of the year.

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